6 weeks and have not lost 1 pound

I have been back on MFP for 6 weeks and not 1 pound lost ( maybe it's 5 weeks) . I am 54 and going thru menopause have always been able to lose weight when I tried but not this time. I have a Fitbit and log my food , always have like a 600 calorie deficit so I should at least have lost 5 pounds by now. I am so depressed, why bother then. Have always been a decent size (8-10) but don't know what else to do. I take a really intense spin class twice a week , I walk on my treadmill everyday for 30 minutes ( on incline). I do some strength training , even tried yoga! I know the loss of estrogen is why my body is holding onto weight, don't know what else to do . Are there any women in their 50's that have any suggestions? I actually started to feel like I lost weight that's why I got on scale and actually went up 2 pounds :-(


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    For most of us (women over 50) the food is the issue. Exercise is the bonus that helps tone, burn a few more calories and look and feel better. Have you invested in a food scale? Are you truly being careful and staying under your MFP recommended calories? I also have to play with where my calories come from for the pounds to drop...lean proteins, fruits, veggies, healthy fats and pretty much limiting my calories to those 90% of the time. There are also some great reads on the boards about those who have had more success with lifting than cardio...You have a lot of different things to try to get the scale to budge! It is doable, at any age!
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    Are you weighing your food with a scale?
    How much do you have to lose?
    Are you eating back calories and how are you calcilating burns?

    It says you only want to lose 2lbs, so you need to be patient and look for a rate of .5lbs a week or less.
    If you are doing everything correctly then keep doing te right things.
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    I do weigh my food and before I started MFP again was eating way more calories so I should be losing. I usually burn 2000-2100 a day and stay at no more than 1400 calories. I signed up with a trainer at the gym and she said for women in menopause you have to do what you used to do to lose weight just to maintain. She also said my body might be holding onto water since I just started working out again. She said give it another month and that it should start showing up on the scale, I hope so.
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    What are you doing to burn 2000 calories? Is that counting BMR or is that only exercise?
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    That is with bmr .. I usually burn 250 calories extra a day .. If i take spinn class then like 450
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    tl:dr: MFP tells you to eat too much if you are an older woman. I only ever lose if I eat less than what it claims I should eat.
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    I'm in the same boat as you. Haven't lost anything for a while now. One of my problems is that I don't eat enough veggies and that has been one of my problems throughout my journey. I do weigh and measure almost everything, but there has got to be something I'm doing wrong. Look at my diary which is open and feel free to make any suggestions. I'm open to anything. BTW I'm over 70 years old and according to everything I read, I'm obese!!
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    I see it this way: The journey is about regaining my health and weight loss is one part of my good health. In 2012 I lost 40 pounds. In 2013 I didn't lose a thing all year. BUT I kept the lost pounds off. Big win! In 2014 I was within 10 pounds of goal weight and lost 1 pound all year. BUT I kept the lost pounds off. Good year! This year I am 5 lbs from goal weight and have kept all the lost weight off. A great accomplishment! Even better, I've learned to cook healthy, eat healthy, get more exercise and regain my health, as part of a changed mindset about how to live my healthy life. I've learned a healthy lifestyle I can live with and can sustain for the many healthy years to come. That's the real goal, IMHO.