Best Ideas for a fitbit?

I have been out of the loop on fitness for a couple years taking care of mom who passed of breast cancer and my dad who passed 7 mths later...then having to fight cancer myself. Im in remission and I really need to get *ME* back....So I was thinking about getting a fitbit just to help me along the way...

What have you found to be the best and easiest to use? Looking at them Im overwhelmed ... any ideas and advice would be appreciated:) <3


  • TammyS327
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    I have a fitbit charge and I really like the features, however there are several issues.
    1) the clasp will not stay closed. I fixed this by putting a couple of small o-rings on it.
    2) the back popped off. I told fitbit and they sent me a new one.
    3) the button popped off. I sent fitbit an email but they have yet to reply.
    So my overall assessment is that the Charge has great features but is poorly made for the $129 that it costs.
  • herculzjo
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    I really like it. I have the One and have had no problems with it. I wouldn't be without it.
  • shadow2soul
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    Any of them are great. Each has it's benefits. Look for the one that will fit your lifestyle the best:


    ***There is some debate about the ability to swim with a surge. It is rated 5 ATM, but Fitbit says not to swim with it. However, Fitbit also mentions not wanting people to wear it 24/7 since it can cause a rash under the band. I have actually gone swimming with mine and it's fine.***

    I started with a Fitbit Zip and upgraded to a Flex after about 10 months. I had a Flex for 11 months and switched to Garmin VivoFit. I ditched the VivoFit after only 53 days (I really hated Garmin Connect) and got the Fitbit Surge.

    edit: Oh and I think the Zip is absolutely adorable with it's smiley face. It sticks it's tongue out at you if you haven't been very active.
  • jwaves357
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    I have a fitbit charge HR and I wouldn't dare leave home without it. It has been a blessing. Lost 25 LBS in 2 months. I find it to be reliable and in conjunction with myfitnesspal, it is awesome!!!!! Sorry for your loss!
  • ACSL3
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    I hate having things on my wrist, so I have the Fitbit One. I love it and the only time I don't wear it is in the shower, ;) (or swimming, but I don't swim much).
  • Thesuninsideyou
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    The One is great. It has a good balance of features, and I look at it as the best bang for your buck if you're using it in a relatively casual fashion.
  • sammys1girly
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    I really like my flex since it can get wet with no issues. I don't have to take it off to swim or shower, or worry about it getting wet in the rain.
  • jennaatsuad
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    First, I'm so sorry for your losses, but am so happy to hear about your recovering health!

    I was deciding between the Charge and Charge HR, and went with the HR not for the heart rate function (which is neat, don't get me wrong), but for the more secure, standard watch-like clasp. As someone mentioned above, I've heard of problems with the peg-and-home clasp on the Charge, and $20 - $30 seemed a small price to pay for the more secure band. I've *loved* it!
  • jennaatsuad
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    *peg-and-hole, not home. :)
  • MelissaE27
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    Thank you all for the information so informative... I think I have to have one now hearing the benefits it has given you....
  • ASKyle
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    I have a Fitbit Flex. I got it 2 months ago and it motivates me to get up from my desk at work. I also like the flex as you can buy different bracelets for it, to dress it up for work or wear the rubber band it comes with for exercise.

    As a whole I like the Fitbit app- It is especially great if you have friends who also have Fitbits so you can challenge each other.
  • KariFreeman2
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    I have the charge and love it!!! It motivates me to keep moving and pushing myself. After two hip replacements I was way over weight and out of shape. I am now down from 315 to 235. I still have a ways to go but my fitbit has helped keep me moving.

    I also do weekly comps with my fitbit friends. Let me tell you that little bit of competition is enough to get me out of that chair. I definitely do not want to be on the lower half of the leader board. Today I am in first with 15,000

    So over all sooooo worth the money
  • EAllison33
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    I have the Fitbit Charge HR, and I am a huge fan. I was completely unproductive half of today. When I looked at the number of steps I had taken and saw how incredibly low that number was, I immediately went to work out! It gives me that extra motivation! I always try to hit my 10K steps goal every day.
  • MelissaE27
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    thanks for the info everyone I just ordered the fitbit charge.. Im sooo excited ...all your comments really inspired me... you all are awesome!
  • pikebeth
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    I got the Zip for Christmas. I like that it is tiny and easy to wear. It is so small that I actually wear it on my bra strap so I don't forget to take it out of a pocket or off my pants. It only tracks steps, distance and calories, but that is all I need it for. And it was only around $50.