5'8" ladies what is your goal weight?



  • dolliesdaughter
    dolliesdaughter Posts: 545 Member
    169 for me. I just want to get out of the 170's.
  • melissawilson21
    melissawilson21 Posts: 74 Member
    My goal weight is 174lbs.
  • sapphire1166
    sapphire1166 Posts: 114 Member
    I'm 5' 7.5" (close enough, right?) and my goal weight is currently 175 and a US size 12/14. Once I get there I'll reevaluate.
  • DanaPeach86
    DanaPeach86 Posts: 2 Member
    Im 5'7" and currently 137, my highest weight was 155 this past November. I have an injury and cannot work out so this app is really important to me right now. I'd like to get down to 120, which I haven't been in 10 years
  • suzikay12
    suzikay12 Posts: 150 Member
    I'm 5'8", my goal weight is 150-155lbs. I've gone below that before and while I still have plenty of hips, thighs and butt at that weight, my upper half starts looking very boney. Collar bones and rib bones really start sticking out. I'm pretty much always a US size 10/12 even when my weight is up or down. I tend to fluctuate from 160 to 190lbs depending on whether I'm on or off track with eating and exercise (sometimes, I'm far, far off track!).
  • escalada22
    escalada22 Posts: 191 Member
    I am working on getting to 170 and will readjust once I ever reach that goal.
  • fairy2b
    fairy2b Posts: 126 Member
    Wow, it's amazing to see the fluctuations on here!

    I'm 5'7 1/2 and my CW is 155 and my GW is 140-145. I have never weighed in the 140's and want to give it a shot! Plus it's smack in the middle of my healthy BMI. =)
  • pelpelpel
    pelpelpel Posts: 32 Member
    Hello x x

    I'm 5' 7.5 and I started at 200lb about a UK 16-18

    I'm now at 168 (12st) and wearing a UK 14 - feel so relieved and happy already

    Have reset my goal to 154- but I'll reevaluate at that point ( still feels a long way off) reckon I'll be very very happy at that point but may want to go a bit further :)