I hate men....



  • bainsworth1a
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    yes I am in the club with you. Always hated the fact that men can eat more and lose weight faster. I don't compare myself to anyone anymore and I am much happier just being on here and doing things at my own pace.
  • rosebette
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    News on the "men" front. The spouse lost 3 lbs. in one week so far. My son 0 . I think the main difference is that my husband, despite his very sedentary job, is extremely active with baseball on the week-end. I must admit I enjoy seeing my "hated men" begin to take care of themselves, though!
  • otheliemoor
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    5'1" here and yes! I mean, I have my weight-loss to 0.25 kg a week, because anything more and I'm down to 1200 calories. Now I up that by adding exercise, but eating back calories and calories burned from working out is a complicated mess.

  • Nataliegetfit
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    Yes, it sucks and is not fair, but you should be very happy they are trying to do something about their weight before it gets worse.
  • curlytoes79
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    Men aren't as genetically blessed as you might think - they collect fat around their abdomen where it's much more dangerous. Women can get away with carrying more fat since they tend to collect it around their hips. Now it's not terribly fashionable for a woman to have a lot of fat on her hips, but that's not a genetic thing...that's social/cultural.
  • rosebette
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    I know what you mean. I'm very concerned about my son, who at 26, has a serious belly and high blood pressure.