Help, socialising is ruining all my good work!

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I'm managing to eat right and exercise during the week to hit my calorie targets but at the weekend socialising and the food/drink that inevitably play a part are ruining all my good work.

Does anyone have any tips to allow me to spend time with my friends but not wreck my diet?!


  • pollypocket1021
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    Maybe try a weekly deficit? Eat a little less during the week and bank calories for the weekend.
  • Francl27
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    Eat less during the week to leave calories for the week end, and make better choices during the week end. You can absolutely go out and socialize without eating 3000 calories of food.
  • Exegi_Corpus
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    Maybe try a weekly deficit? Eat a little less during the week and bank calories for the weekend.

    I disagree (personally). Your body takes your daily actions as a basis and every night it gets into a catabolic stage.

    Well, when I go out my friends already know that if I have a such goal that I won't be drinking, eating deserts or anything that does not fit to my regimen. If it is allowed I bring my own food, if not I earthier eat before or after. Drinking is always easy. Even bars have tea, sparkling water et cetera. I remember tons of times barman looking at me strangely when I order a tea at midnight... It is a simple question and I am quoting here "How bad do you want it?".
  • oedipa_maas
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    There are many things to try. You can plan your meals if you generally socialize at the same places, deciding ahead of time what you'll order and how many drinks work within your calorie range. If you are drinking too much alcohol, which in turn causes you to lose control, then dialing that back would help. You could also eat before going out, or at least eat enough so that you're not ravenous and more likely to overdo it because you are too hungry. You could look at your calories on a weekly basis, rather than a daily one, and allow more calories for the weekend by shaving a bit off here and there during the week. You could suggest different ways to socialize once in a while, so each time out isn't strictly about eating and drinking (something like bowling or another activity that has you moving around a bit more). You could host a gathering and provide food and drink that is tasty but still works well with your eating plan. You could water down certain alcoholic drinks to make them less caloric (if you drink alcohol). Also, if you are calorie counting/logging over the weekend, you can strategize better because you can see what you eat and drink clearly. Maybe you're not so far off track. You don't have to be perfect or deny yourself.

    Self discipline does play a role, of course. How you set yourself up for success has different branches--physical, mental, emotional. Coming up with a plan and then following through--and tweaking it as necessary--is, in the most basic sense, what you need to do.
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    Francl27 wrote: »
    Eat less during the week to leave calories for the week end, and make better choices during the week end. You can absolutely go out and socialize without eating 3000 calories of food.

    ^This. I also would recommend maybe adjusting your meals to account for any social activities later that day (i.e. eat smaller and/or less Calorie-dense meals).
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    If I know I'm going to be eating/drinking more calories at night, I'll eat smaller amounts for breakfast/lunch to compensate.

    But honestly, you may need to step back and ask why you go out each weekend. Is it for the drinks and food or is it to hang out with your friends? You can still go and not partake in the drinks/food. Or suggest places with better choices. Don't be afraid to ask for simple items from a restaurant either. Most non-chain places don't mind grilling some chicken and vegetables for you if they have it.
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    Switch to wine. Rum and diet coke. Go for side salads and eat before.

    It's totally possible to eat/drink low calorie while participating socially. Trust me.
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    I definitely bank my calories during the week so I can go out some weekends.
  • Annr
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    I think its just a matter of mentally preparing. It's a plan of action, like logging on here, and buying healthy foods. So the night before just mentally go thru some of the situations you will encounter during a social event, or weekend crammed with social engagements. You plan how you will feel with this food or that food, you learn to say no thankyou, you plan of maybe some of the shrimp, and a small salad, you eat from the veggie platter. It's a matter of mentally going thru the motions in your head, so when the time comes for Auntie So-and-so's best Boston Cream pie you will be prepared. It's ok to tell your friends and family no. Its ok to not take a slice of this or a spoonful of that. If they say, "Oh I will be offended it you don't try it". You say..."I am offended that you are demanding I try it, I know it looks devine, but it doesn't fit into my routine at the moment".
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    I too feel the same way. It seems like the weekends are a time to relax and let your guard down. I also seems like a time to not be so restrictive on your diet. I guess the first thing you can do is let your friends know that you have certain goals. Let them know you will be hanging out, but maybe not drinking so much. You can order healthy options and if it's a restaurant that you know you are going to, you can research the menu ahead of time so you are ready to order. For me, I have to leave the alcohol alone. I go totally hedonistic after a few drinks - eating like a banquet before the hunger games...yea it gets ugly. You have to know your own limits.
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    I always switch my calories up so that I can eat 2500 calories on Saturday. Even with 2500, I have to watch pretty carefully. A nice dinner and a couple drinks really adds up.