Types of Fitbit



  • MsMargie1116
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    I've got the One, and have really enjoyed it... it keeps track of my steps, and especially like the sleep tracker... I've got a Charge HR on order, and waiting for it to come in... I wanted to get the Surge, but just don't do ENOUGH exercising to spend the $250 for it, when the charge HR has everything I need for my active level.
  • Groto1980
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    I have the fitbit charge hr and love it. It was great to see what i actually burn during the day, i have had it for 5 weeks and have seen how my heart rate has become better, especially my resting heart rate (due to intense working out over the past 5 weeks). I see that i actually have to be more active to increase my calorie burn. I was very conflicted about which one to get initially. I love the fact that I only have to wear it on my wrist an no chest strap. I have found it consist when i also check my heart rate, steps with my s health app on my smart phone.
  • NicoleGurley2015
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    Does anyone know if there is a group for Vivo fit or Garmin Connect?
  • fr3smyl
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    Thanks! I decided to go with a flex.