Ladies - Did you gain/lose weight after stopping hormonal birth control, specifically NuvaRing?

I am discontinuing my NuvaRing birth control at the end of this cycle due to a side effect, and I'm wondering if any ladies have advice as to what I should expect after stopping it.

I'm concerned because I've read that some women report weight gain after stopping hormonal birth control, but conversely, others say they had an easier time losing weight after going off it. I'd like to hear what your experience was like.

I'm considering using the non-hormonal, copper ParaGard IUD in the future, and wondering if it has contributed to weight gain or loss for any of you.

I appreciate any input you have to offer! Thanks :smile:


  • jumblejups
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    I used to use the Evra patch (hormonal, oestrogen) and I was just normal when I stopped it - no gain, no loss. Then again I had almost zero side effects with it other than slight nausea around my break week.

    I tried the progesterone-only pill but had too many side effects, coming off of it I lost weight but only what I gained whilst on it (one of the side effects).

    IME from friends and family people are much more likely to gain going onto a new BC rather than stopping, no one I know has gained from stopping. Most people I know have used the pill, IUD, implant, injections, patch.

    Look into getting the IUD fitted however and what your doc will do, I know several people who have had problems with it being fitted, getting it removed quite early due to fit issues, discomfort etc.
  • manicautumn
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    I've only found weight gain STARTING a new form. But, realistically, it was my own eating.

    I didn't lose/gain after stopping the nuvaring. The IUD (Mirena) has been fantastic for me. I gained a little when I started from drinking too much beer. I've lost on it too though when I decided I'd had enough of poor dietary choices.
  • shortiequinn
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    I lost weight after stopping NuvarRing, but I also started using MFP around the same time. I didn't have any weight gain or side effects while i was on it. I initially though I was more moody while taking it but I'm still just at moody many months after stopping.
  • scookiemonster
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    When I stopped birth control last spring I found it easier to lose weight and felt better in general. Then I got pregnant and gained 60lbs. Oops. (The pregnancy was on purpose, the weight gain not so much).

    I was on nuvaring years ago, but only for a few months due to side effects I experienced, so I couldn't comment on how it affected weight.

    I'm also looking into an iud for birth control now that my daughter is here and I'm ready to get back on bc soon. I'll be talking to my doctor about it when I go in a few weeks. I think though that the various side effects are really dependent on the person. There doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency since we all react differently to various hormones. From what I have heard though, the mirena (hormone based) iud can cause weight gain in some people, but I haven't heard that happening as much with the paragard.
  • Shauna2626
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    Thanks for the input so far, everyone!

    I'm kinda bummed to be looking for another method since I've been pretty happy with the ring overall, but I just recently put 2 and 2 together and realized that it's causing lack of lubrication and negatively affecting intimacy with my husband, and thus our relationship and my mood.

    I am apprehensive about the idea of an IUD, but I don't want to use a hormonal method again :/