5am wake up, want a second breakfast



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    Eat whenever it works for you. I'm up at 4 most mornings so I have some sausage at 5, cereal when I get to work around 6, half a serving of nuts around 9 and then around 10 I start sipping on a protein shake until lunch. I just keep my meals small so I can snack often.
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    If you don't feel like eating, there's no need to have breakfast when you get up. I'll sometimes have a cup of coffee when I get up and wait an hour or two before I have breakfast. A few times I've gotten up, had a glass of water, and then bicycled 14 miles to a coffee shop, had a cup of coffee, and then bicycled 14 miles back home for breakfast.

    Some people need breakfast soon after waking or their blood sugar will be too low. I'm obviously not one of them! You need to figure out what works for you.
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    i always have two breakfasts! i wake up at 5; exercise; breakfast #1 at 6ish; go to work. then i am hungry again usually around 9:30 so i eat again. my cals fit into my day and i don't do hungry, so...yeah...two breakfasts. works for me!
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    I like hobit logic and think five meals a day is perfect! or six some days. I keep most of my meals small.
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    This is what I was taught. But yes, everyone is different.
    "The body burns these macronutrients in this order: First carbs, then fats, then protein. That means if you eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, your body will use the carbohydrates in the cereal to provide all the energy you need, burning no body fat. If you have a protein shake or eat an omelette, your body will go to your fat reserves and use stored energy to provide the energy your body needs to function."

    I disagree. Lots of people don't even eat breakfast and do just fine, others just have a bowl of cereal and/or toast.

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    SLLRunner wrote: »
    I wake up at 5 am every weekday and eat breakfast with hubby before he goes to work. Then I make breakfast round two with the kids around 7 (I don't eat with them). I find by 9 I want a second breakfast. I was thinking about skipping breakfast with hubs and eat later around 9 to curb this need for a second breakfast.
    I've heard you should eat right when you wake up for your metabolism. Is this true? Any tips for a long morning?


    If you feel like not eating so early, then that's what you should do.

    When I was eating before my gym workout at 4 a.m. (I would have a bit of cottage cheese or something, but nothing huge), and then my normal breakfast after, I was hungrier throughout the morning. When I stopped eating so early, my excessive hunger during the morning hours dissipated.

    You have to find what works for you. :)

    This works for me too - i dont eat til 1030/11, and quite easily last until that time without being ravenous. If I eat early I'm constantly hungry!
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    Are you hungry at 5 AM or just eating a full meal because your dh is?
    I would try eating breakfast at 7AM instead or eat a piece of fruit/veggies at 9 AM.

    I get hungry around 4 or 5 PM and dinner isn't until 7 PM. I prelog my day and plan to eat something small around that time and I am okay.
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    If you're hungry at 5am eat, if not, wait a couple of hours. If you've eaten at 5am, eating again at 9am is not really an issue. You SHOULD be hungry - it's four hours later. Plan your day for a snack every couple of hours or so