103lbs lighter (pic heavy)



  • JTmom2015
    JTmom2015 Posts: 11 Member
    You are such an inspiration. And your post just oozes positivity and I love that. You've got what it takes and you are looking fantastic! Keep up the great work, girl!
  • ashleyturner426
    ashleyturner426 Posts: 4 Member
    You look amazing, and you look like you feel amazing which is even better! Congrats!
  • bigT24chiefs
    bigT24chiefs Posts: 50 Member
    Beautiful job!!
  • jules6669mfp
    jules6669mfp Posts: 446 Member
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. You look awesome!!
  • chesnity3
    chesnity3 Posts: 960 Member
    Great job!
  • IamLoriJ
    IamLoriJ Posts: 124 Member
    you are awesome and have been such an inspiration to me just by having you as a MFP friend! Keep going on your journey because I am going to be following right behind you all the way! Congrats on meeting such a big goal!
  • mrs_joshica
    mrs_joshica Posts: 275 Member
    TYASM!! IamLoriJ TY for being another one of my MFP friends that didn't give up on me when I went inactive!
  • LuckyMe2017
    LuckyMe2017 Posts: 454 Member
    So proud of you! Keep it up.
  • bootcamp85
    bootcamp85 Posts: 64 Member
    NICE......I love ur story about falling but not staying down, getting back up.....
    because everyone falls and no one is perfect..
    your earned that weight loss....
  • dredremeg
    dredremeg Posts: 202 Member
  • SingRunTing
    SingRunTing Posts: 2,604 Member

    The secret to success is never giving up. Everyone fails at some point, but you will succeed long term if you pick yourself back up and move on.
  • NofatdaddyMike
    NofatdaddyMike Posts: 574 Member
    Congratulations on your journey so far. You are doing great and are an inspiration to many I just know it. Keep up the positive attitude. There is no looking back now.
  • believeinme0430
    believeinme0430 Posts: 270 Member
    Awesome job! You look amazing!!
  • carrieliz81
    carrieliz81 Posts: 489 Member
    You have done so well!!! What an inspiration!
  • oedipa_maas
    oedipa_maas Posts: 577 Member
    There is so much wisdom in your post. Thank you for sharing, and you look fantastic!
  • Becca281552
    Becca281552 Posts: 45 Member
    Thanks for sharing your story! Your success is very motivating, and I love your positive attitude ~ made my day! :)
  • agbmom556
    agbmom556 Posts: 694 Member
    What a beautiful journey. Thanks for the inspiration. :)
  • mrs_joshica
    mrs_joshica Posts: 275 Member
  • Gska17
    Gska17 Posts: 752 Member
    Thanks for sharing your story! Nice work. :)
  • madube84
    madube84 Posts: 135 Member
    Nice! well done!
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