Just needing too see how far I have come

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I did p90x lean schedule and i modified and i am half way thru Insanity max 30 and i modify on that too ive never missed a workout but i have had bad nutrition days here and there but for the most part ive been good!

December 26, 2014--May 18, 2015
Weight: 237 -- 195 -48lbs
Neck: 15.5 -- 14 -1.5 in
Chest: 49 -- 44.5 -4.5 in
Upper Waist: 44 -- 35.5 -8.5 in
Waist: 47 -- 39.5 -7.5 in
Lower Waist: 48 -- 40.5 -7.5 in
R. Arm: 16 -- 14 -2 in
L. Arm: 16 -- 14.5 -1.5 in
R. Thigh: 30 -- 26 -4 in
L. Thigh: 30 -- 26 -4 in
So a total of...................... 41 in lost and 48 whole lbs!dt3zq8ebfvh9.jpg
fr.jpg 293.1K
ba.jpg 282.4K
side.jpg 259.8K
tat.jpg 276.2K


  • jaqcan
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    Good work! Great dedication!
  • LisaPrust
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    Awesome girl! You have got to feel so proud! Good for you and keep going! Incredible losses!
  • nerdgirlinlv
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    Damn girl, work it!!! Huge changes...Keep it up!!
  • sk1nnyf0rm3
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    Thank you so much for including the picture! It's hard for me to picture differences just going off the numbers, but you look great! All your hard work is most defiantly paying off :)
  • MrsMizart
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    Definitely looking good lass :-)
  • healthier101
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    Good work...! The good nutrition is the key for losing weight.
  • Awhimai
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    Wow! Awesome work.
  • bethmeek27
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    Awesome job! Definitely inspiring
  • andrea218
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    Congratulations on you AMAZING success! So incredibly proud of you. What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing. You made my day and gave me the boost I needed to keep going.
  • moribunny
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    You're doing amazing! Way to go ^__^
  • kr1stadee
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    Great job! You're killing it!
    It's relatively easy to lose sight of where you came from, especially - for me - when you get stuck in a bit of a rut. I have been, and I've gained. BUT I'm nowhere near where I was and that's huge!

    Keep up with what you're doing - you are very dedicated and your hard work is paying off!!!
  • nicola8989
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    wows, you've definitely earned your supermom cape - there's a massive difference there
  • calmandpeaceful
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    You look beautiful! Good work, and in such a short amount of time!!