My Transformation



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    You look fabulous! As a Type2 Diabetic, your journey really does give me hope.
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    well done you look hot :)
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    Thats amazing. Great work!
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    Lookin great I can only imagine how good you feel !
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    Amazing transformation. I'm bookmarking your thread to keep updated. You are an inspiration to many people. Awesome job.
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    Amazing! Congrats!!
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    hot sauce!
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    Thanks everyone! Yes, I do feel great!

    For those asking about Keto/LCHF a great place to start is It has lots of great info on how to get started, what to eat etc. There is also

    What I eat now is different from when I started. When I first began I did Atkins induction, but after a couple of months I discovered lchf/Keto and have stayed that direction as Atkins increases carbs as you go and that is not something I want to do. I know as a carb and sugar addict, that for ME I can't do that. I now eat only when I am hungry, not by a clock or because it is a meal time. Some days I am not all that hungry so I have coffee and one meal. Other days I seem to eat all day, it just depends. I listen to my body now.

    Today I have had: Coffee with coconut oil and heavy whipping cream, 4 scrambled eggs and 4 slices of bacon, 8 oz of chicken with the skin, 1 cup of green beans covered in evoo, bacon crumbles and mushrooms. I am probably done eating for the day. I find that I very rarely snack -like maybe two days a month I eat what would be considered snacks between meals.

    For those that want to read my story, it is on the Ketovangelist website too. Ketovangelist is a blog run by a good friend of mine and I am a contributor. I DO NOT GAIN MONETARILY - I strictly contribute to share my experiences, to encourage people and to bring hope and inspiration. I was obese half my life and if I can escape the misery, so can anyone else who truly wants to!

    At the time of this posting, I was down 83 pounds and it was my one year Keto-versary. Now I am down 90 pounds.*kitten*/

    Also, the title was chosen by the blog owner! LOL I told him I thought it sounded arrogant and he replied, "So what?" So, he got the final say. hahaha
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    You look amazing... way to go!! :+1:
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    Amazing, great job with your journey!
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    Man, I love hearing inspiring stories like yours. Congratulations!!!!
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    Great job!
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    WOW! Way to get it!
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    You go girl!