What do you do when you are sore?



  • MyaPapaya75
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    Keep pushing on
  • allaboutthecake
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    Roll out, Ibuprofen, soak in a tub. Light workout or rest, depending on how bad it is. Couple drinks won't hurt either. B)
  • Tortitudekitty
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    Learn to love DOM!

    Keep hydrated. Stretch. Roll.

    I like a good basking session in the steam room after a workout, interspersed with cold showers to get all those blood nutrients around the body! Hot/cold/hot/cold/hot....warm shower and relax!

    Epsom salts bath is nice too.....2 good mugfulls in a nice warm deep bath aaaaaaand soak. :) Luxury!
  • barryplumber
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    Enjoy and soldier on
  • sneaky_teaky
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    Like many have said already, if its not too much I Keep going and later take a soak. But If it bothers me as I'm doing my daily things I rub a bit of tiger balm on it. my husband hates how it smells, but I love how it feels(plus I happen to like how cloves smell, so I'm happy with that.) I started using tiger balm back when I was in martial arts. When I would get a bruise or an achy muscle I would pull it out of my bag and a little bit goes a long way. So good. It now comes in a cream and a patch form along with the original balm.
  • arditarose
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    Unless something feels tweaked, or is popping-I lift. I get DOMs all the time, but I'm never working the same muscle groups two days in a row so no problem.
  • Mighty_Rabite
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    If I'm sore to the point of where simple tasks become difficult (walking was horrendous after my last high volume leg day), I'll take an extra day away from working whatever is sore. If I'm simply sore, but less than an 8 or so, I'll keep the throttle down.
  • yourstrulynancy
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    Everyone is different but in my experience when I'm just sore and I can still function working out again helps the soreness because blood flow is increased to your muscles when working out , that usually helps a little bit but if you are sore can't move sore take a hot bath , mayb some advil and if you choose to workout do something light that won't effect the sore area , Epsom salt does wonders and so does rubbing those muscles to get the blood flowing ❤️ hope this helps
  • FitOldMomma
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    If I'm just sore, I'll work through it. I took an unusually long walk on Tuesday and woke up on Wed with extremely aching hips. I took Advil and went swimming, hoping it would ease the pain. It did.
    When I 'baby' my aches and pains it seems to make them last longer.