Hello buddy needed!

Hiya I'm Carla I'm trying to lose 34 lbs I've tried n tried so many times but ended up putting on weight a stone to be exact


  • joelschneider45066
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    You can do it if your true to yourself - I have tried MANY times before - but this works ..., 66 lbs since June (4.71 stone) - Be honest about measuring your calories (both intake and output) and it will work. You will have good days and tough days .. but it's the trend that matters! Happy to be added as a friend if it helps!
  • ceedeexo21
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    Thank you
  • mjosephinermc
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    I'd love to be your weight loss buddy! I've heard it works better when you have a friend!
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    I would like to be your friend as well! I'm very active on here and my diary is open. Have a fantastic day!
  • HealthWoke0ish
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    Hi Carla. I'm glad you have a goal. That's a good start. Good luck in the quest. One thing that works for me is to focus more on the process (calorie counting, exercise, etc.) than on the results. It helps me focus on what matters (accuracy) and not get discouraged when the scale doesn't move the way I want it to. :smile:
  • ceedeexo21
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    Thankyou all so much feel free to add me id love to see all your journeys in losing weight and/or staying fit xx