One year on MFP = 80lb loss (pics)



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    Amazing!! Period the end!!! Thanks for sharing!! :)
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    You look amazing :)
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    Congrats! So this is from a while back. Just finding it now. Wondering how are things 2 years on?
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    Thanks. :) Well, I've gained back a bit of weight. I'm in graduate school right now, and the first year was really easy to lose weight, but these last two years I've been teaching while taking courses, so I've been stress eating and not exercising as much (I've been doing 12 hour days at the University every day). MFP has been wonderful though, because I think without logging calories every day for the last three years, I'm sure I would have gained a lot more weight back. As it is I'm just bouncing up and down the "healthy" weight range for my height, which I'll probably always do. Now that it's summer me and my husband made a 13 week challenge to go to the gym and eat at a deficit again. I think the best thing is to just always keep with it. I hadn't been to the gym all semester, so going was tough, but every time you go you get a bit more muscle memory, and it becomes easier for the future. I may not be as fit as I would have liked to be at this point, but I think I've significantly improved a lot of my lifestyle habits. I think the best part is that I still don't buy food I know I'll eat all of in one setting, and I still enjoy going outdoors and being active. I think the hardest part of maintaining is realizing there isn't really an "end goal" anymore and it makes it seem a bit less special. So I'm working on how to make it feel special again.
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    INCREDIBLE accomplishment. Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with your new goals!
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    Great job! I started out similar. 6'00 with a SW of 250 and a CW OF 190. I began in October. I had begun to think I couldn't get past this 190 as the scales seemed to sway between 188 and 192 lately so it's motivation to see someone my height go so far! Great job!
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    congrats on your great success
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    WOW!!! You look amazing!!! Such an inspiration!
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    Wow! Nice work!! :)
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    You really do look amazing. Well done!
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    Amazing story!! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so happy that you took charge and did this while you are still young. You've got a lot of living to do and not that being thin automatically makes one happy, it does make you healthy. I can tell by your post that you are happy and that's wonderful!!! Go out there and enjoy your life. Look forward not backwards. You must be so proud of yourself
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    What an inspiring story you have. Congratulations on your success! You look fabulous!
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    You look great! Well done
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    you look amazing !! Thank you for sharing your story. I also had a DVT from birth control pills in my 20s. No excuses, you can overcome!!
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    brilliant job
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    You look really awesome! I'm glad that your body is healing, and um...I don't see what you were ever embarrassed about with your leg. You look great. Great work! <3