Garmin User & Repeat Offender

This is my umpteenth attempt at getting in (better) shape & staying in better shape - so yes I'm a repeat offender.

I've got a FB group as well (Non-Scale Victories, because not every accomplishment is seen on the scale). Obviously my MFP name is dawnz2, my Garmin Connect is MrsJunkPuncher (this is the result of being the mom to teenage boys & using the family clan name).

I'm 41 - Army vet, wife, mom, homeschool teacher - I've been in and out of the best shape of my life so many times in the past 20 years but in order to maintain my health, I can't slack even for a few weeks. I find I have & maintain the best results when I eat clean (think Paleo or Primal) and when I work out with weights along with some cardio.

I try to be motivational and encouraging to others but sometimes I need to receive as well (


  • MrsJunkPuncher
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    oh i'm also on BodySpace as dnbplus2/MrsJunkPuncher
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    I am always looking for active friends. I am as on Garment connect user lostcrusader08. Just got an edge 1000.