115 pounds lighter

pdoloughlin Posts: 16 Member
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Having done little or no exercise for the best part of 2 decades, having ate and drank what I liked when I liked I found myself aged 37 and 27 stone 3 (381 pounds). This was the 5th January 2015. In the 136 days since then no needless snacking, no alcohol, no confectionery and plenty of exercising (predominantly spinning, jogging and walking) I find myself heading swiftly towards my goal. I am now 19 stone having lost 115 pounds. Ideally I want to lose a minimum of another 28 pounds but maybe more. I have excess skin that will reduce in time but it was never about how I looked. I've suffered from depression for years but since starting this regime I am finally drug free for first time in ten years. I'd always dismissed the healthy body healthy mind thought process. You can all hit your goals and we are all on this journey together. At the hardest time and your lowest ebb please remember you are not alone..... x


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