Attractive training outfits for women? Where from? (UK)



  • VintageFeline
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    I had a look at Debenhams online and Reebok has some really nice prints too. Hopefully sportswear is finally getting a bit cuter!
  • DawnieB1977
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    I'd also agree with Nike...I love their running leggings! The ones I want are £80 so I'm using them as a target purchase when I get to my goal weight

    Try an outlet shopping centre. I plan on going to the Ashford designer outlet when I've lost the weight I need to lose. They've got a Nike store.
  • kickassbarbie
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    Have you tried Sweaty Betty? Some real cute if slightly useless gym wear.


    Can't say that I've found anything of theirs useless apart from the odd piece that is obviously more "relaxed fashion" rather than functional gymwear (cowl necks, dresses, general beach wear etc)... What is it that you find useless about their gear?

    Personally I like their stuff.

    I also like there stuff and wear for walks/some classes.
    On the useless side I only meant the built in support tops I've tried to be less than supportive and some of the clothes fall to reveal bits best left covered but to be fair to them I am an odd shape and I guess would work better on slender girls. The same with their yoga pants/shorts in some ranges.
    The beach wear is fantastic though as you mention it!
  • MonsoonStorm
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    Further to my post above... Figured I'd add in my 2p as to why I like the Sweaty Betty ranges.

    Firstly, it depends on what range you are looking at, their dance/yoga ranges may be less practical for gym wear depending on the piece. Their yoga pants with the fold over tops for instance... great for yoga, pain for other things. Their bog standard yoga pants are awesome for "loungewear", comfy, stretchy, long-lasting, and maintain their shape really well (unlike similar items from Nike).

    Their running stuff I really like, firstly, most of it has a fairly decent amount of reflective stuff on it, handy for those twisting country roads. Their tops generally have a built in pocket for a phone/whatever, which I also love, it saves me having to wear a stupid armband.

    I haven't really tried their swimwear, heard mixed things about that.

    If you go to their website you'll be able to see the reviews on the different pieces.

    Plus it's cute.
  • rawstrongchick
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    Another voter for sweaty betty here. It's pricey but it not only looks fab and is super comfortable but it washed really well. I've had some of my sweaty betty stuff for ages and worn it constantly and it still looks new.