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Boob Job/Breast Augmentation

RozzeleS Posts: 65 Member
Hello MFP's Just wanting a lil advice if possible
Soo I was always roughly a 34DD/E before I started puttin weight on at 17 & went upto a Mahoosive 36/38 G/GG at my biggest now am a D/DD which is mainly just excess skin and awful.. I am finally on my last stretch of my weight loss.. I've lost 91lb and a size 10-12 just another 9lb to lose to make me a comfy size 10, unfortunately despite how proud of my self I am for losing the weight it has left me with very saggy boobage which is making me feel like this was all a waste of time as I'm still really unhappy, and thats the only past of my body I can't exercise into shape GRRR! So after serious consideration I have decided to treat myself to boob job and booked in for my consultation on Saturday, I know numerous people who have had boob jobs done and are really happy but not for the same reasons..

I just wondered is there anyone else who has had one done after extreme weight loss or no anyone who has.. what was your results like? any before and after pics? any reasons why I should have second thorts? will I need an uplift and implants or will just the implants be enough?


  • CoveOps
    CoveOps Posts: 100
    DO IT!
  • SquatNSparkle
    SquatNSparkle Posts: 477 Member
    I did it a year ago. I was never big on my own, my largest was 38C I think. After loss I was 36B, really an A but couldn't find 36A. Anyway, I wanted just a lift but didn't have enough breast tissue to do it. So I ended up with a crescent (partial) lift and biplanar implant (behind and in front of chest muscle). I have been VERY happy with my results mostly. Today I did need to go back for a follow up surgery, as the left breast (I call her 'thelma' and the right one louise LOL) had scar tissue form that was tying up the pocket so the implant could not settle properly. Doc had to clean out the scar tissue. This was an extra expense. Even with this issue, I would do it again.
    If I may offer some advice:
    1. Do your research carefully, both on augmentation/lifts and doctors. I went to 3 doctors before I found the one I knew was a good fit for me. I knew he was the one because of several factors. He was very respectful in how he touched me and talked to me. He measured carefully and based on my frame size made implant size recommendations, a range that would be good for my proportions. What he recommended fit my research (over vs under muscle, saline vs silicone). He guaranteed his work to the extent that if I needed follow up work (which I did as noted above) I would only have to pay for anesthesia, not his services or OR expenses. First two doctors were idiots by the way, and I believe I would have seriously regretted the results if I had gone with either of them.
    2. Know the risks and decide if they are worth it. Implants are not forever, according to what I was told, and I am prepared to need replacement a decade or more down the road.
    3. Talk with other women who have had an augmentation/lift.
    I'd be glad to be friends with you and support you on this journey.

    BTW I had a tummy tuck with the boob job. My body is not perfect but it's soooo much better now. I feel better about me. And in the end, you gotta do it for YOU.

  • kickassbarbie
    kickassbarbie Posts: 286 Member
    Yes, I have had augmentations (well 3).

    The first was because I lost over 120lbs in my teens go in from a 44dd to a deflated 32b. I never regretted it as my boobs never bounced back so to speak. They were horrific.
    My advice is its a BIG decision. Cosmetic procedures are not something to be taken lightly. Risks and pain are the things people often thing about, what people rarely think about is the upkeep. They don't last forever,you will have to have them changed in 5-15 years, recovery time sucks too. Mentally augmentation can be a struggle the first time.

    The genrally rule of thumb on lifts is if you take a pencil and place it in your fold you nipple should be above or in line with pencil. If it's below you may need a lift too. (Alot of different kinds I lifts to research here too.)

    Forget the cost and go for the best surgeon who has before and afters as well as googling to find other women who have used your surgeon. Make sure you have insurance and guarentees for your implants and a trusted brand.

    Have you visited the justbreastimplants forum? They have everything you could ever need to know and more as well as alot of women who have lost weight. I strongly recommend you visit the site it is a god send.
    Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

    (Should also add in the next two augmentations were not from complications just work related size changes. I've had minimal issues with any of my surgeries and very little scarring. )