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I just had my first bowl of all natural 100% whole grain oats.. What do you guys flavour it with?

Do to lack of items in the house and never having had anything but packaged instant oatmeal before, I opted for 1 tsp of brown sugar, a bit of cinammon and 1/2 banana sliced in it...One thing I really liked was the very small amount of sodium and how full I am, but I would love to have some variety.

Also if anyone eats egg whites in their oatmeal..how do you incorporate them cooking wise? Do you just add it in with the oats and let it all cook together? And if so, do I use less water than called for?

Thanks :)


  • alymay7
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    I use Agave Nectar, you can find it at your local health foods store. It's sweet, all natural, and delicious!
  • dstsur5or
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    I use one banana and a few blueberries to flavor my natural oatmeal.
  • Melis25Fit
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    1TBSP of PB and banana

    1/4 c raisins, brown sugar (1tsp) and a few dashes of cinnamon

    1 TBSP PB and honey

    Cinnamon, 1Tsp brown sugar and fresh blueberries.

    I LOVE me some Steel cut oats! :o)
  • mandysjourney
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    a little honey
  • LovelySnugs
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    i like butter an honey sometimes. and sometimes, just a little sugar. and sometimes, a jar of baby food - which SOUNDS weird, but i always have some around, and it doesn't get much more natural than 2nd foods - not to mention ease of storage.
  • ecmcnamee
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    Splenda (half packet) and cinnamon ... yum!!
  • snobuny032
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    I add.. Vanilla protein powder, Frozen Raspberries and a little Flax oil.. Delicious!
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    Yum - I've been meaning to try whole grain oatmeal. Now I have some ideas. Is plain Quaker Oatmeal a whole grain oatmeal?
  • TeaBea
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    PB and maple syrup

    Craisins, cinnamon, & brown sugar

    Dried cherries, cinnamon, & brown sugar
  • HollyMcCaw
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    mmm some good ideas! I love the idea of adding protein powder to it!

    I think all oatmeal is whole grain?
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    Are Steel cut Oats the same thing as the Quaker Oats in the circular cardboard container, that you buy at Safeway? If not where can I buy some Steel cut oats?
  • njdebbi
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    I take whole oats 1/2 cup to 1 cup. I add about 2 tablespoons of raisins, 1 tsp of cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. I put it in a bowl and cover it with boiling water till it just covers all the oatmeal. Then I put a plate over top of the bowl and let it sit for about 2 minutes on the counter. Remove plate and stir. It cooks the oatmeal perfectly. Not mushy and wall paper pasty, but creamy and a little aldente. My fave!!

    You can add cut up dates, apricots, strawberry or banana too. I also add a little walnuts from time to time. Substitue 100% maple syrup for brown sugar if you want or splenda if you are doing sugar free. They all work great.

    Steel cut oats are different and cook faster as does 1 minute oats. I prefer the 100% whole oats. But people have their favorites. You can do this with any kind but the fast cooking and steel cut will tend to be mushier and stickier.
  • joegeiselman
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    oats are one of the whole grains, correct. They are awesome and everyone should try to get them in their diet. I think its worth pointing out that making them on the stove is much much better than the microwave. (Microwave seems to make them very sticky/pasty). I usually just through in a spoonful of brown sugar and some raisins, but everyone above listed some great things I want to try.

    I have used eggwhites in them in the past. I just dropped them in with the hot water and cooked it all together. I wasnt a fan. I will eat my eggs on the side with hotsauce still ;)

    edit - also, I dont believe there is any real difference between using a packet of instant oatmeal or the stuff that comes in the big cylinder... as long as they are both the plain variety of course. I could be wrong though. Can anyone verify?
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    I mix 1/4c soy milk with my water. Then I add two tablespoons of berry 'flavoured' crushed flax seeds. Perfect!
  • xXAlana21Xx
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    dried cranberries

    or if you feel like going a bit crazy add a handful of mini marshmellows and a little bit of drk chocolate :) almost like a smore
  • xXAlana21Xx
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    edit - also, I dont believe there is any real difference between using a packet of instant oatmeal or the stuff that comes in the big cylinder... as long as they are both the plain variety of course. I could be wrong though. Can anyone verify?

    i have noticed that the oats from the cylinder do have larger portions/ less cal per portion and les sugar. I tend to go with the oats from the can when i get the chance i feel like it gives me more control. and it is more filling
  • dave4d
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    For variety I usually just use different fruits; I use either frozen peaches, cherries, strawberries, applesauce, or bananas mixed with some splenda, and cinamon. add tablespoon of chopped walnuts. sometimes I will also add cottage cheese, then top off with fat free cool whip.

    I will also make it time to time with peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, and a little bit of milk.
  • hyper588
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    a dash or two of cinnamon and 1 (measured) Tablespoon of white sugar ... and don't forget to include the sugar in your food journal ;-)
  • hyper588
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    Plain "old fashion" oatmeal is indeed a whole grain. I've always read that you should stay away from the instant (aka processed) oatmeal.
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    Check out this website for some good oatmeal ideas: http://www.katheats.com/kaths-tribute-to-oatmeal