135 pounds lost, Happy Soul found!! PICS!! Thanks Myfitnesspal!!



  • lavenderannie
    lavenderannie Posts: 31 Member
    Congratulations, you have done so well! Thanks for sharing your story, it's so inspiring!
  • suruda
    suruda Posts: 1,233 Member
    so awesome! Thanks for the inspiration of the day!
  • dana8121
    dana8121 Posts: 30 Member
  • HerkMeOff2
    HerkMeOff2 Posts: 45 Member
    This is great, just what I needed to read today.
  • airangel59
    airangel59 Posts: 1,887 Member
    edited June 2015
    You look awesome girl :)
    Similar story here so I can relate to you, I wish I got my act together at your age vs 50+ but my SW was higher and I had just gotten diagnosed with type 2 & considered morbidly obese.
    June 2012 found MFP and hit my goal on Day #640 (and continued to lose & now am maintaining my 150+ loss).
    Love your tips, very similar to what I've been practicing & since getting my trackers in July 2013 I have not stopped walking. I too remember how exhausted I was the first day I set out to walk (posted a blog entry about it, I die reading it now, but we all start someplace).
    Again, congrats on all you've accomplished and I <3 how inspiring your story is to others who are just starting this journey...shows what can be done with determination and not giving up. Kudos to you Katie for posting this success story.
  • ccourcha
    ccourcha Posts: 316 Member
    Owned it! incredible!!
  • dargytaylor
    dargytaylor Posts: 840 Member
    you are an inspiration :) Thank you for sharing your story!
  • ritatinglelewis
    ritatinglelewis Posts: 432 Member
    You look fabulous!!! What an inspiration!!!!!
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    Thank you all so much,and thank you for letting me share!! <3
  • DrWhoIsYerDad
    DrWhoIsYerDad Posts: 263 Member
  • hunnyb333
    hunnyb333 Posts: 37 Member
    Wow! You've done such amazing work. Thank you for the inspiration and tips! You'll help all of us stay motivated.
  • gilliebee63
    gilliebee63 Posts: 94 Member
    I am awestruck. You rock. Thanks for sharing your story.
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    Thank you all so much... I've read each of your comments, they mean a lot to me! Thank you for being supportive of my journey to a happy and healthy life!
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    @hunnyb333 Thank you so much! I am so thankful my sharing is helping others <3
  • vwagar
    vwagar Posts: 78 Member
    Amazing Sweetie!!!
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    @vwagar thank you so much <3
  • Cerakoala
    Cerakoala Posts: 2,547 Member
    Just amazing!! What an inspiration! Congrats on all your hard work and success :)
  • allaboutthecake
    allaboutthecake Posts: 1,530 Member
    edited June 2015
    Love the tire-flip photo. Great work taking control of your health, weight, fitness and life. And I bet now no matter what life throws at you, I bet you handle it with a kick-*kitten* attitude. B)
  • hapa11
    hapa11 Posts: 182 Member
    What an inspiration! Congratulations on your success. Your smile tells the story!
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