looking to chat with others my age :)



  • laurencurry26
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    yeah I do. wbu?
    Hey, I got back to doing homework. I'm taking summer courses right now. 2 more semesters and on to my bachelors :smile:


    wow congrats!!

  • ErickIbarra
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    hey thanks, what about you? What are you studying?
  • cassandrag93
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    21.f.AZ :)
  • Lifeonmars2015
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    106 uk lol
  • Northernlight03
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    I'm 27 UK but I feel 18 lol
  • Gabrielm80
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    Not anywhere close I am almost old enough to be your dad. Well old enough if you count kids born from highschoolers. Please Stay safe online, don't trust anyone to be honest with you. Not even the nice ones like me.
  • twinteensmom
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    My twins are almost 22. Does that count?
  • KrissyRawrz
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    XD I feel old now. I'm 23 lol
  • zcb94
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    20, studying Humanities (Pre-Law emph., Spanish minor @ Lubbock Christian University, looking @ Texas Tech next. I want to be a Disability Lawyer who can empathize w/ clients due to use of my own wheelchair, and will save them $ on use of an interpreter. There is a bump in my road, though: I have to sit 24/7 and got a bad wound from it, was hospitalized, Dr.-demanded to drop out and lie there until dying. I instead refused to give up, got our Disabilities Coordinator to help me get permission to do a Medical Withdrawal, as long as I come back in full swing this coming term to pick up where I left off, and am impatiently waiting to recover to this day.
  • feithne
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    i dont know about you

    but im feeling 22
  • _incogNEATo_
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    I remember AIM chat rooms (which this reminds me of)... so clearly, I don't belong in here.

    Just for shitz'n'giggles though: A/S/L??
  • feithne
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    ahahahaha i remember those too. when i was like 10 i would get in the teen chatrooms and pretend i was a teenager too. im not sure i was very convincing.