The first number on the scale was a "1"...



  • aliciasilfies
    aliciasilfies Posts: 179 Member
    Congratulations!! I am 6 pounds away from joining you!
  • jhbruiser
    jhbruiser Posts: 6 Member
    Congratulations! Hitting milestones really help to motivate me, so I bet that keeps you going strong.
  • Fittingitforever
    Fittingitforever Posts: 106 Member
    Must feel amazing! Nice job!
  • Hulbert0089
    Hulbert0089 Posts: 97 Member
    I'm hoping to join you this week.
  • marmeer25
    marmeer25 Posts: 24 Member
    Congrats on an awesome job! I am hoping to get there too .... Cannot wait to see that number :). Well done!!!
  • dalem48
    dalem48 Posts: 86 Member
  • Seigla
    Seigla Posts: 172 Member

    I remember passing that point! Feels awesome, doesn't it? :)

    Good luck with hitting your next milestone!
  • captainlolo
    captainlolo Posts: 3 Member
    Congratulations!!! I wish you best of luck on reaching your goal!
  • cavia
    cavia Posts: 457 Member
    Congratulations! That must be a truly wonderful feeling!
  • hallam3k
    hallam3k Posts: 2 Member
    Congrats! That's 1derful!!
  • coolbluecris
    coolbluecris Posts: 228 Member
    Wow that's great !!!
  • kraft_kris
    kraft_kris Posts: 157 Member
    Congratulations!!! Can't wait to be there myself!
  • cvegas
    cvegas Posts: 10 Member
    Baby steps!! It's been 7 long hard weeks but everyday I feel stronger. You will be there soon enough! :)
  • jnv7594
    jnv7594 Posts: 983 Member
    Congrats! I can't wait to join you. I am four pounds away. :D
  • cvegas
    cvegas Posts: 10 Member
  • Nactasha
    Nactasha Posts: 19 Member
    That's awesome!!
  • Alli4Chocolate
    Alli4Chocolate Posts: 139 Member
    Great job!
  • Marlene1667
    Marlene1667 Posts: 201 Member
    ONEDERLAND!!!! Way to go! Onederland has been eluding me for some time now.... too long. I get close and go back up, back down. I will get there, just gotta keep at it :-)
  • JillUrbina
    JillUrbina Posts: 32 Member
    Love this post! Congratulations
  • Qsonrisa
    Qsonrisa Posts: 1 Member
    Admirable. Great job :)
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