Really confused how to go about this "excercise" thing ! Please help me :( ! :'(

Hey Everyone,

Really happy to have joined MFP. :smiley: This post may be a tad bit long but please read and help me out.

Well, my situation is this.I recently had a baby :blush: My daughter will be 3 months soon.I currently weigh 85 kgs and I am only 5.2 feet :neutral: You all can imagine how I look.I still have 3 more months of maternity leave. I want to use this time to workout and exercise so I get into the habit and continue even after I get back to work.

After reading a lot of posts and success stories I have concluded that strength training really will help me to get into the best shape of my life.

Now my biggest concern is should I join a gym for this? Well, I am in India.In the past I have been to gyms and the instructors there are really not so concerned about their clients. All they want is our money and then they just let you do whatever you want.They don't interfere and try to teach you correct form etc. However there are really good personal trainers in the market but they cost a bomb. And do not have that kind of money right now.

At home I have a treadmill, 2 set of dumbells ( 1 kg and 2 kg). I also have JM 30 day shred , banish fat boost metabolism DVD. I have Zumba DVD as well. So I was thinking I can workout at home itself. So for a beginner what kind of strength training should I do at home for maximum benefit. Should I do it everyday and mix it with cardio as well. I am just really confused.

And about food am doing pretty well actually.I have stopped processed foods and trying to stay within my calorie range.

So do you guys think I should workout at home with the stuff i mentioned above? What kind of routine should I have ?

Please advise . Looking forward to all your replies :smiley: Thanks a lot everyone !


  • LKArgh
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    Eating less and moving more will help you reach your goals. Work mainly on reducing calories. Then find something you believe is interesting for you and your schedule will allow you to commit to it. What type of routine it will be is not as important, especially in the beginning. The main thing is to find something you can commit to and keep doing it. What do you like doing? What do you think you could do? If you believe the best is to work out at home, you can start by simply walking on the treadmill, and if running interests you, look into a beginner's running program, like c25k, once you are comfortable with walking. Or just take the baby and schedule a daily long walk together. You can also easily do bodyweight exercises at home, without the need for special equipment, other than a mat.
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    There are plenty of us here that never step foot in a gym.

    Find something that you enjoy and do that, that's pretty much the best way to do it. Bodyweight exercises and your Jillian Michael's DVD would probably be a good place to start if you enjoy her, there are many of her other videos on youtube (I found her 30DS bored me to tears after a few days... too repetitive).

    If you start getting bored, mix it up, keep going until you find something you love.
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    Hey there :) thanks a lot for your responses.You have given me great ideas and also loads of inspiration. I defnitely wont be stepping in the gym now.Ill just get moving with my treadmill and my DVD s . Ill keep MFP posted on my progress.
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    Plus there are lots and lots of other fitness videos on youtube as well, there's really no need to buy DVDs any more (unless, like me, you are a hopeless fan of Kelly Coffey-Meyer). As a beginner you will be able to improve your strength with light or no weights so don't worry about needing a gym. As long as you challenge and enjoy yourself, and don't overestimate those calorie burns, you'll do great.
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    Zumba and cardio DVDs are great for burning calories and building your fitness level but aren't strength training. You need to be moving weights around for that and something more than 5 pound dumbbells. You might Google "body weight exercises" or "you are your own gym" to find some great strength moves using nothing but your own body weight. Once those get easy, buy a set of dumbbells or kettlebells and progress onwards from there.
  • TheGoktor
    TheGoktor Posts: 1,166 Member has a wealth of really useful information (I ignore the paleo stuff, it's not my thing).

    I really like Jillian Michaels, and 30DS is a really good cardio workout, in my opinion, especially for a beginner.

    I love running but due to injury, I can't do that right now, so I've rediscovered the joy of going out for walks; I work long hours at a desk, and it's really good to get out in the fresh air... even if that air is a bit sulphurous sometimes (I live on the side of a volcano).

    Whereabouts in India are, you, @leanmommy2015 ? I lived in Fort Kochi a couple of years ago, and spent a few weeks in Alleppey as well. Kerala is such a lovely part of the country. :)

    Feel free to send me a friend request if you'd like some support.
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    Check out Strong Curves. The book includes an at home version of the program.

    Best wishes.
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    Two words...Jillian michaels. That's how I got down smaller than pre pregnancy (plus eating a deficit and using mfp of course). Now after my second she's 2 now, just getting back into them and glad I am! Just pop the DVD in at nap time or when ever you have 30min to spare. Goes quick makes you sweat and your whole body will be sore at first, fight through the next day and the next and it'll just get easier. I have 3 to have variety. I also just started strong curves and am really liking it.