Whats your favorite healthy alternatives?

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Making this so others can make recommendations and I can go back and refer to it, Im not asking it to turn into a huge thread but it would be awesome if it did.

My current favorite:

Replacing Doritos with Green and Red Peppers Dipped in Lite Ranch


  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Mustards over mayo
    HIgh fiber wraps cut and toasted with hummus, over Fritos and sour cream dip
  • biggsterjackster
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    Oatmeal with almond butter and whipped cream.
  • devilwhiterose
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    Mustard instead of mayo for just about any sandwich or wrap.
    Greek vanilla yogurt for a fruit dip because regular fruit gets boring.
    Granny smith apples and whipped peanut butter instead of a carton of ice cream... nom nom nom
  • JohnBarth
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    Julienne'd zucchini vs. fettuccine (or any other pasta).
  • conniehgtv
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    turkey bacon vs real bacon
    Butter spray
  • SezxyStef
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    define healthy...

    I see stuff on these posts that would never cross my lips...

    I don't substitute one food for another to lose weight or "be healthy" esp turkey bacon for real bacon... :'(
  • mantium999
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    I regularly fit Doritos into my healthy lifestyle, along with my peppers, carrots, and snow peas dipped in ranchy goodness. And beer. Cuz without those two, I ain't happy. But "fit" also means I have plenty of veggies, nuts, fruits, etc. too. All about balance.
  • hgycta
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    Scrambled Eggs: Half cup of egg whites & one egg instead of numerous whole eggs
    Mayo: Light mayonnaise or mustard
    Unsweetened soy milk instead of regular milk (close to same macros, just slightly less carbs)
    Protein plus barilla pasta instead of regular or whole grain
    Protein shakes (with protein powder, soy milk or water, and blended with ice or a frozen banana) instead of milkshakes
    Hot cocoa instead of a chocolate bar
    Mushroom caps instead of a hamburger bun
    Whole grain english muffins instead of bagels
    Whipped cream cheese instead of regular
    Instead of full fat ice cream, opt for frozen yogurt, no sugar added, slow churned, etc.
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    I never considered mixing egg whites with one whole egg. Slightly healthier with slightly normal flavor haha
  • illusion2269
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    Swapping greek or strained yogurt for mayo in recipes, sandwiches, etc.
    Raw veggies instead of chips for snacks
    Protein bars instead of candy bars - similar calories but helps with my protein intake and quells my sweet tooth a bit :)
  • Francl27
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    I don't typically replace things. I make my own fries by baking them or use lower fat burgers but I'm not replacing those things because if I crave something, eating something else is just not going to cut it.

    I do like spaghetti squash for pasta though, when I crave the sauce more than the pasta itself... but if it's really pasta that I want, nothing else is going to cut it. I'll just have less of it.
  • cwolfman13
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    I guess after almost three years I no longer think of it as "swapping" this for that anymore. I made a strong commitment to primarily eating whole foods a few years ago...it was somewhat tough at first to forgo my chips with a sandwich...it just seemed so "normal"...now it's normal for me to just have a sandwich with a veggie side and some fruit. There are a lot of things that I can eat in moderation and there are others like chips that I just can't...know thyself.

    I have things like chips and whatnot on occasion...chips were always a kryptonite for me back in the day so it's not really anything I eat in moderation...pretty much the only time I have Dorritos or potato chips is when I'm camping, and then I make sure I only bring the little snack bags and only have one of those with my hot dog or whatever.

    Beyond that, I've never really done stuff like spaghetti squash instead of pasta...or cauliflower pizza crust or mashed cauliflower in lieu of potatoes or anything like that.
  • salembambi
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    banana ice cream instead of actual vegan ice cream mmmm

    avocado & mustard on sandwiches and wraps
    renees poppy seed dressing on sandwiches

    spiralized zucchini pasta instead of wheat or rice pasta
    oil free baked homemade fries instead of deep fried oil covered ones
    marinated portabello mushrooms instead of regular veggie burgers
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    I guess after almost three years I no longer think of it as "swapping" this for that anymore. I made a strong commitment to primarily eating whole foods a few years ago...it was somewhat tough at first to forgo my chips with a sandwich...it just seemed so "normal"...now it's normal for me to just have a sandwich with a veggie side and some fruit. There are a lot of things that I can eat in moderation and there are others like chips that I just can't...know thyself.

    This is largely how I think of it too. I don't really substitute things, but I eat in a particular way where certain foods aren't expected parts of the meal and instead others are.

    If I'm wanting particular flavors that often go with something hard to fit in my calories, I may think of another way to get the same flavors--for example, a local lunch place has a great buffalo chicken salad with good ingredients, and the calories and macros I'm looking for for lunch, and that it also usually satisfies my desire for those taste combinations, great. Similarly, I love great french fries, but more often than not some red potatoes roasted skin on with some salt and olive oil and then maybe some dill on top will satisfy me. But on occasion I'll indulge in something more caloric or otherwise tougher to fit in.

    I've always been someone who cared about a good pasta sauce far more than pasta, so while I eat pasta not infrequently (I don't think it's tough to fit in and am happy with a serving), I also find pasta sauce on a roasted winter squash or even specifically spaghetti squash (which is tasty) a nice change once in a while, if I'm trying to save calories, and similarly I might choose to have lower cal roasted root veggies (like turnips or celeriac) instead of potatoes. But not because I don't think potatoes are healthy, because they are.
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    Edamame (steamed & salted) instead of chips or other salty snack food
  • MoiAussi93
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    I blend frozen banana slices with cinnamon and vanilla instead of eating ice cream.
    If I want a flavored yogurt, I just mix some raspberries or peanut butter or unsweetened cocoa into plain yogurt. Those sugar free coffee syrups work really well in yogurt and other things as well.
    I've tried spaghetti squash as a pasta substitute and really liked it.

    I've also tried some sugar and flour free baking recipes...some have been great, others not so great. But I did finally find a sugar free flour free brownie recipe that I love. Also a great banana muffin recipe. But that's not really substituting an entirely different food, more just making a healthier version of the same food.
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    I don't typically replace things, but for people just starting out, a lot of times they do until they're able to get portions under control a little better. I did the same thing when I started out. Now i'm just more careful. But I use to use low cal mayo instead of full fat; stevia instead of regular sugar, and I still primarily use turkey instead of beef um...I think that's it lol. That was the best I could do.
  • tRiNaBeAnZz
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    Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch. It tastes almost just like buttermilk ranch and only 45 calories per serving!
  • punkrockgoth
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    I don't do a lot of substituions because a lot of the time the nutritional differences are marginal, but still sacrificing a lot. I have, however found some that I actually like better than the original.

    Zucchini or squash instead of pasta. - I've never really liked pasta, but I love squash
    Fat free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or mayo - It tastes better and unlike sour cream or mayo, has redeeming qualities
    Cauliflower alfredo sauce - I was a skeptic too, but had a head of cauliflower I didn't know what to do with so I decided to try the recipe. It's amazing, better than Alfredo sauce and easy to make. Unlike other swaps where you might save 10 calories in return for more sugar and salt, this recipe over actual Alfredo sauce can save upwards of 300 calories!

    With higher calorie foods I tend to eat them in smaller doses and add them to a vegetable rich meal. For example, bacon I love and refuse to substitute with turkey bacon. I will make it with a veggie omelette loaded with spinach, peppers, onion, tomato and a light sprinkling of cheese.
  • Justthisgirl1994
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    Vodka sodas instead of cranberry, red bull, oj etc

    A few years ago i swapped cereal for oatmeal and recently I swapped oatmeal for oat bran (no toppings and with water).

    Quinoa or barely and other grains like that, instead of pasta, potatoes and rice.

    Pork and pretty much all red meat (except for bison) swapped for chicken and seafood

    Mustard instead of ketchup mayo etc

    Yogurt instead of sour cream

    Lemon juice instead of sugar in tea