Does this really work?

I have done it in the last but never stuck with it! This time I need to do it for 30 days at least. I can't afford weight watchers or any of these other fads. The buck stops now I'm unhappy with my weight and today is the day to change that. Ladies and gentleman I am Samantha and I am ready to shed the weight using Thai handy tool. Good luck to you all!


  • MynameisJerryB
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    Your on the right track. Stay focused, stay positive and have fun with it
  • PixelPuff
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    Fad diets are fads for a reason - they don't work, so they go right back under the radar.

    TRIED AND TRUE; calories in vs calories out! Utilize the tracking on MFP! If able, try to WEIGH your food so that you can log it accurately! n___n

    Some tips; shirataki noodles are very low cal [0-20 calories per bag] and are delicious with sauces added. Many sauces are shockingly low cal [Panda Express' Mandarin Teriyaki is 40cal per 2 tablespoons]. Drain the noodles from bag, rinse, and throw right into pan. No need to boil - in fact, I dry my noodles EXTRA before throwing into pan.