Bulk or Cut first and Why.!

As the title says for someone who is lifting and has a decent muscularity,
What is better? To cut first, so after your bulk you ll have a nice result?
Or bulk first and then have a long cut period while losing some of your muscles?
And why?!

I will give two examples:
1)Someone is -12kg from his height(cm) with 8%bf and then start bulking, he can get till 13-14% while ripped. And its easier to reach 10%. Which is his goal.
2)Someone is -5kg from his height(cm) with 14%bf and start bulking. Till he goes to 17%? no idea.. Then he has to cut till 10%.

If the examples are confusing then skip them.

I am 1.69-1.70cm, 61-62kg, about 13%.
I am trying to decide whats best.
I am asking people with experience in bodybuilding.