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Is replacing lunch with a Protein Shake ok??

kmab1985kmab1985 Member Posts: 295 Member Member Posts: 295 Member
The reason I ask is not to get skinny quick or anything like that but yesterday I had a protein shake after my workout which was at about 1pm but then I didnt really feel like eating my lunch but I still ate it so I'm just asking if its ok to relace my lunch with a Protein shake a few times a week? Some might say eat my lunch later but I have my Dinner at approx 6pm so then I'd be skipping Dinner through eating lunch later! The protein shake I had still contained 250 calories so its not like I'm having no calories but it contained 26g of Protein


  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEldRuNaRoUnDaFiEld Member Posts: 5,876 Member Member Posts: 5,876 Member
    I do it a few times a week, just because I don't get time to eat at work. There is no right or wrong time to eat. You can skip lunch all together if you like, just don't under or over eat by the end of the week.
  • livingleanlivingcleanlivingleanlivingclean Member Posts: 11,755 Member Member Posts: 11,755 Member
    Your "protein" shake was more than just protein.... For 250 cals it likely has carbs and fat, making it more of a meal replacement/snack?

    I couldn't do it, I always want to eat post training... But if that works for you, go for it. You can eat your calories whenever suits!
  • 10inprogress10inprogress Member Posts: 89 Member Member Posts: 89 Member
    I generally find I can't and and need real food but on days where I've have a large meal or am not that hungry I can. This or a protein bar as I think the chewing makes me feel more satisfied. As long as you're not starving yourself I don't see how it could be bad.
  • kwtilburykwtilbury Member Posts: 1,234 Member Member Posts: 1,234 Member
    As long as you're hitting your caloric and macro targets, you can do whatever you want.

    I prefer to go light throughout the day, getting about 35% of my calories pre-workout, then consuming the balance post-workout in the evening.
  • MonsoonStormMonsoonStorm Member Posts: 371 Member Member Posts: 371 Member
    I will often use a protein shake to tide me over if I know I'm going to be in a position where I won't be able to get food that will work for me for a while (when driving for instance) they do a reasonable job of keeping me satiated for around 3 hours. However, having looked at the ingredients on mine, for 261 cals I'm getting 60g of protein, so I'm guessing your shake is more "carby", is it one of those premixed meal replacement type cans that you get in supermarkets?

    I think it's a case of YMMV. Different things seem to keep people feeling full for longer. It also depends on what your goals are. From a weight loss point of view, if it's keeping you full it is unlikely to be an issue. If it starts becoming more of a snack then you'll need to watch your calories, it seems to have a fair amount of calories for the protein it contains.
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  • kmab1985kmab1985 Member Posts: 295 Member Member Posts: 295 Member
    Yeah its a For Goodness Shakes High Protein shake but also has 25g carbs which I can live with, I like carbs!
  • FitPhillygirlFitPhillygirl Member, Premium Posts: 7,127 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7,127 Member
    I would say it depends on your daily protein needs and whether or not you're able to meet it. My Protien goal is high due to my level of activity so I drink a protein shake everyday. It is true that you can get your protein in from food. But sometimes getting it in a liquid form is more convenient.
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