Question about weight loss and breast size

im curious about other women's experience with weight loss and their breast size . I'm starting my weight loss journey at 230lbs & my goal is 160lbs. I'm currently 38 DDD. Do they sag, loose skin, and how much of a decrease in cup size after losing a significant amount of weight? Is there way to prevent sagging or loose skin?



  • Sued0nim
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    52lbs went from a 36DD/E to a 34D so down 3 cup sizes no sagging, minimal loose skin when I put my arm over my head but that's beginning to go now

    I trust in lifting, time and genetics

  • pelpelpel
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    I've lost 37lb went from a 36gg to 34 g so that's actually a back size and two cup sizes- they've definitely lost some fullness but not terrible x x x
  • Laurend224
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    I'm down from a 38DD to a 34D. Mine are on the droopy side, but I've nursed 3 kids, been overweight most of my life, and judging by the other women in my family, they are going to sag no matter what I did. I'm afraid loose skin comes down to genetics. I was not blessed.
  • sineadt84
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    Mine disappear altogether!!!!! :s
  • lemonsnowdrop
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    I went from a 32DD to a 32B. Before I lost weight, my boobs were droopy and sad. Not attractive at all. After the weight loss and strength training, especially now that I'm lifting, I've found that they're actually perkier and more appealing. Everyone is different, and I sometimes miss having a big bust, but honestly I feel much happier with them now.
  • kshama2001
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    Depending on my weight, my breasts are between a 38 B to 42 C. When I lose weight I don't have loose skin or dropping. Not sure how much strength training and bodyweight exercises during yoga helps, but I imagine it's a factor.
  • Francl27
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    38 DDD to 36 C / 34 D. They actually look good. I'm lucky I didn't get loose skin there at least. I did some strength training while I was losing though so maybe it has something to do with it (sure didn't prevent loose skin on my belly).
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    ive lost 50 pounds since jan

    started at a 44DD am now (approximately because i gave up buying new bras every month) a 38C ish (maybe D)

    They are not any droopier or saggier....
  • ahawkx
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    My boobs have been everywhere from as large as 38DDD to as small as 34C (current size). I find that my body matches a bigger size better because I'm so curvy, but the smaller breasts are also perkier and easier to dress haha. There are stretch marks, sagging, loose skin, the works :( they've been through 3 pregnancies though. After this last and final pregnancy I've planned, I've promised myself a new pair!
    What I have now are sad, sad excuses for boobs. Still worth the weight loss though.
  • jessiruthica
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    I started at 230 as well and am down 65 pounds. Started at a 36H and now in a 32FF. My boobs are a mess. They were never perky as I developed early and have always been overweight. Now they are like oranges in tube socks. (There's a visual for you). The good news is I get to buy prettier bras now that they are closer to straight sizes. The bad news is that nothing but surgery is going to help them at all. So, I'm saving up and once I've been at my goal (20 more pounds down) for about a year, I'm getting these sisters lifted!
  • Bshmerlie
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    I've always been large even when I was 125 pounds. I was a D cup in high school. Which was awful because I was a long distance runner. So when I finally get close to my goal weight of 129 pounds I'm going to be doing a breast reduction. Hopefully that will also get rid of some of that loose skin. :)
  • yesimpson
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    Lost 30lbs and my boobs went from a 34DD to 32D, so proportionally kind of stayed the same. Don't look any different to me.
  • Bshmerlie
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    My breasts have gotten perkier since my weight loss. Oh, other women's experience. Didn't see that at first. Carry on then.

    So man boobs for you anymore?
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    ive lost 168lb and gone from a 46g to a 36g. depends on where i am in my monthly cycle as to how perky or not they are. but hey once they are in containment no one can see em so alls good
  • nyponbell
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    I've got a 36DDD (which is actually a bit too small in the cups, but too big around my chest). I've not dropped a significant amount of weight yet, but I'm hoping they won't be much smaller once I have.

    Not because I want big boobs, but because if I drop X amount of weight, I can get a breast reduction for free (gotta love the Swedish health-care system!) - which would include augmentation and removal of excess skin. If they are "too small" once I've dropped that weight, I would have to pay for such a surgery myself. I've always had big breasts (and they developed early) so mine are rather saggy and, if you ask me, unattractive (except when I'm lying down :wink:).
  • lianachu13
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    I've lost 70lbs and gone from a 38H to a 34F. I gotta say, they're pretty sad now. There's not a lot of "filling" to them, if you know what I mean, and I have to wear a supportive moulded bra these days to get any kind of shape.
  • azulvioleta6
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    No sagging, no loose skin, no decrease in size after losing more than 90 pounds. I definitely look bigger and might even be slightly bigger. I've gone down in band size, and probably should consider going up in cup size, but since I'm already wearing 38 DD or DDD that would make it more difficult and expensive to find bras.

    Every body responds differently and it isn't something that you have any control over. However, losing weight doesn't doom you to being flat chested.

    Look at pictures of yourself before you gained weight, think about women in your family with a similar body habitus...if they have breasts when they are thin, you likely will too.