What makes you happy?



  • urloved33
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    my children, my faith (christianity) coffee, sunsets/rises, pool/hottub in the evening...morning...my bed.
  • Timshel_
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    No 'thing' makes me happy.

    Happiness is a state of mind.

    I see wut u did thar.
  • BaconBae
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    ind1983 wrote: »
    They do!!! <3

    Some good looking kids :)
    Thank You!!! :)
    And they do as well! My Grandbabies! <3

    You have a gorgeous family! And cute little edible grandkiddos too!! :)

    I really hope you meant adorable grand kids and not edible cause I don't see "tasty kids" when I look at them or any kids, and I hope you do not either. If you do you should think about adding some cals back into your diet cause you way too damn hungry then. :neutral:

    Lmao you're funny :p
  • callmejessica
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    nomad5326 wrote: »

    I agree ^
  • Kiwi_Made
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    My niece and newphew, training, the sun, food and COFFEE.
  • blu_de_ville
    blu_de_ville Posts: 4,296 Member
    Pizza and coke and chocolate. I know they say "don't reward your self With food you are not a dog." But I will beg for it :p
  • arian10daddy
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    unconditional love
  • Noogsofthenorth
    Noogsofthenorth Posts: 138 Member
    Good company
  • burning2much
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  • blu_de_ville
    blu_de_ville Posts: 4,296 Member
  • Fitnessflexibility
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    My family/faith
    Working out
    The beach
  • YanskaNY
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    A good workout, a lovely, sunny evening, good music and sweet wine make me pretty damn happy.
  • BW__NOT
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    Everyone here!
  • MommysLittleMeatball
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    edited June 2015
    My husband
    My dogs
    My niece and nephews
    The outdoors
    Good food
    When my little brother-in-law (that pretty much hates everything) tells me how much he loves my cooking and how it's better than various places.
    The ocean
    Completing a challenge I've made for myself

    There's plenty more, but that's the short short list. :)

    @FabulousFantasticFifty, you have a gorgeous family! They def get it from their mama. ❤️

    Edited: I should probably say, "Gifs" too.
  • kir911
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    Spending time with my kids
    My family and friends
    The outdoors, the beach, the mountains, the fresh air
    Relaxing with no plans
    Taking a road trip without planning
    visiting with friends around a fire, having a drink and laughing
    laughing period!
    Having a moment of quiet time to myself with the above
    My job
    being successful and accomplished
  • Spnneil06
    Spnneil06 Posts: 18,745 Member
    My kiddos
    My animals
    This one guy
    and I'm sure lot's of other things.
  • coretemp
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    A full night's sleep that seems to happen in the blink of an eye, a rolling stretch when waking up, lol, great tunes while running, foodz
  • mbaker566
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    of course the fiancé and dog but seriously cheesecake and brownies, better when they are together
  • _Captivated_
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    Being wanted
    My children
    The color green