Over 40 with 100 pounds to lose

Anyone out there over 40 and fighting the battle if the bulge!! I am and I need friends who are in the same boat!! ;)


  • rcaissie2012
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    I am 44 and need to lose at least 70lbs. I am trying to start a small group to help motivate and challenge and just be there for each other. If you would like to try my group it's called 50lbs + Divas.

  • melanie899
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    Hi. I'm 47 and I'm trying to lose 100-130 lbs.
  • pmsanders2004
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    Hi I am 55 and need to loose at least 100 lbs.
  • cooperjeff488
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    Hi I'm 42 and could lose about 40-50 Lbs.
  • About to turn 43 this is my third time that I WILL lose the weight , I just hope I learn the lessons to keep it off this time. Was at my heaviest ever at 310 lbs .trying to get to 200-210 where I feel confident.
  • jenant27
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    Feel free to add me everyone. I'm 40 and need to lose 55 more pounds. Down 25 do far but starting to lose motivation.
  • Jinx_Mo
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    45 here and trying to lose 120 lbs. I'm super motivated right now, can't tell you why since this adventure has been an epic fail for me several times in the past, but hey, I'll take super motivated! Please feel free to add me!
  • 43 and in the fight. I've lost and gained like lost. Needing to lose 75 pounds. Praying we all go together with this challenge !!
  • Bootstraps50
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    I'm 50, my starting goal was to lose 83 lbs. I have lost 32 lbs in the last 11 weeks! I'm on a mission! More support is better!

  • kelliwolk1
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    I'm 44, 45 this summer. 4 year old kid. Sit down job. Need to lose at least 50 pounds (gosh it hurts to see those words! ) I can use all the help I can get
  • cooperjeff488
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    I got your back kelliwlok1
  • TFaustino67
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    48 & 47 here and active in logging; feel free to add
  • JohnBarth
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    Turned 42 in February and got pretty serious about getting healthy again. Goal for this year is somewhere in the 75-90 pound range with a final goal somewhere around 100. Fortunately, I'm over half way toward the final goal!
  • SCV34
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    I turned 44 this month. If anyone would like to add me feel free. I set a goal back in November 2013 to lose five and ended up with loosing 20lbs total. I am maintaining now. All I did was track my calorie and fat intake on here and stuck to that. Always been active, so I knew that wasn't the issue. Just eating too much and it was showing on the scale.
  • LisaJeanOzzy
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    I am 43 and need to lose 85-95 pounds. Just starting out and wanting to make a lifestyle change, not just lose the weight. So my focus is healthy food and healthy activity. I need more motivating friends!
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    bmalcolm73 wrote: »
    Anyone out there over 40 and fighting the battle if the bulge!! I am and I need friends who are in the same boat!! ;)

    I just started this journey around 10 days ago, and have dropped 10#. I have a lot to lose, so it's not too surprising that the first bit came off rather quickly. For me, the key is consistency, persistence and accountability. That's the main reason I am looking to connect with others that have the same goals as I do. I am also over 40 (just turned 43 last month) and want to lose a total of 130#. I have lost a significant amount of weight in the past, but over the last 7 years much of it has crept back on. This time, I am more motivated than ever to lose it and keep it off for good.

    I have two serious, physically-debilitating diseases, so losing the weight and taking a lot of pressure of my joints will definitely make mobility easier as well as increase my life span--and I have so much life left to live. Let's do it together!