I need to lose at least 100 pounds! Any support would be great!

It's very helpful to see others going through this journey, it helps to keep me going. Good luck to everyone! Any suggestions would be great!


  • LisaCody2015
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    Hi. I am trying to lose 100 pounds also. Feel free to add me.
  • LisaJeanOzzy
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    I'm trying to lose 85-95 pounds and I'm just starting out. Would love to make more friends!
  • smcclaycouffer
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    Hi, I'm looking for friends that can motivate me and friends I can motivate. I'm on a journey to lose 150lbs. Please feel free to add me
  • JohnBarth
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    Suggestions: Use a digital scale to weigh/measure your food and learn how to log accurately.
    With a huge goal of 100 pounds, you'll be wise to set intermediate goals all along the way and reward yourself appropriately (not with food). New outfit, massage, etc.

    Good luck!
  • hjackson1226
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    I am wanting to lose atleast 80...feel free to add me
  • AleciaG724
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    It may seem impossible at first, but break it up into little chunks. Commit to losing 5# at a time so you can celebrate your progress. I'm half way to my goal after two years and I'm your age... it's a process, but it's doable. Anyone can feel free to add me.
  • dinadeal2013
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    I've lost a little over 50, still want to lose 80-100 more. I'm a stress eater, love food, and eat huge portions! I have been on a roller coaster weight loss life most of my life, so at 52, that's enough. My health is too important. I'd love to have and give as much support as I can! I am a teacher, so summers are challenging with no set schedule. I am focusing on getting in activity 3-4 times a week (water aerobics), meal planning, and healthy snacks. And, of course, one day at a time! Friends welcome please!
  • lindalfg
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    Hi, everyone! I am also in the same boat. But I have started again today!!!! Writing everything down. Which is easy with this App. By the way dinadeal2013, we are most definitely in the same boat, with one exception I am 10 years older. But I want to get this weight off so I can help my husband better, he is not in the best of shape, heartwise. So what do you say everyone, we start today?!!!! :)
  • katrinaromero8110
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    I also need to lose 100 pounds it's so hard any suggestions
  • amycfatnomore
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    I have more than 100 to lose!!! Feel free to add me too. I'm pretty new to all of this too, but am down 15 pounds so far. I WILL NOT give up. Zero excuses. I want to be able to live my life, not merely exist. I want to outlive my children. I'm tired of hiding.
  • swansong1001
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    I'm on the same journey. Would love to be friends with others.
  • beckamargaret14
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    I needed to lose 90 pounds when I started I now need to lose 55 :D
  • EmmaFitzwilliam
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    I'm 48, and I've lost 75 of the 95 pounds I want to lose. My advice won't work for everyone, but I'm willing to share my tips. I have a somewhat biting sense of humor sometimes, and a rather pragmatic point of view.

    Interim rewards are a *huge* help. I acknowledged every 5 pound loss.
    A sense of humor.
    For me, the "fall off the wagon" approach doesn't work. Most social and celebratory occasions involve food, and frequently involve indulgent food.

    Proceed with caution with respect to any plan which sets an absolute "always" "never" "only" or suggests a "trick".

    Knowledge is power.
    Trends, not days.
    Exceeding the calorie recommendation on any given day does not have to permanently derail you.
    Drink enough water.
    Weigh yourself according to your needs. I weigh myself daily; I'm at peace (mostly) with the fluctuations. Some people weigh themselves weekly. There is no "right" answer.
    There will be fluctuations, probably even with weekly weigh-ins.
    The occasional apparent gain is not usually something to worry about.
    This can be done without taking extreme measures.

    If you wish to add me as a friend, please send a message and let me know who you are and why you want to add me.

  • Doingthis4mybaby
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    I have lost 120 and have about that to go again. Feel free to add me or message me.
  • NikkiShells81
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    Hi all. I need to lose about 175 lbs. Well now I'm down to needing to lose about 100 lbs as I have lost 79 lbs so far! Been at this since mid-October. Feel free to add me everyone! Thanks!
  • ALovelyChange
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    I have 150 to lose, anyone and everyone is free to add me. I have an open food and exercise diary, log every day, and communicate on the news feed several times a day. :) Good luck everyone!
  • jordanmcginness914
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    5 down 75 to go!! One day at a time!
  • salaita1968
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    i need to lose 185 i'm dawn 19 in 3 week and this is my diet call ideal protein diet . friends are welcome to add this is 1 of my 4 vidoeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdjg02wgO20
  • lfafnis
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    I have about 80 - 100 to go yet, but have lost 57. Here is some basic advice.

    -Don't look at it as a 100 lbs, break it into more manageable chunks like 10 - 20 and reward yourself when you reach each goal. It's better if it is not a food reward.
    - Allow yourself to have a cheat day or meal once in awhile. It gives you something to look forward to but you have to make sure it is one and back on the wagon.
    - If you are really hungry or craving something start with a full glass of water. Many times that will take the craving away. If you still really want it after the water, have a small portion and wait an hour.
    - If you do fall off the wagon and gain, or just don't lose weight one week, DON'T beat yourself up. You are human, you can't be perfect all the time.
    - Give it time, it's not going to fall off nearly as fast as you want it to. Just keep at it and you will get there.

    Believe me, I still have to remind myself of these things every day.

    You can also add me as a friend if you like. Good luck, you can do it!!!!!
  • skinnerfamily151
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    I am with you on motivation....I have to loose at least 100 pounds. I have a bad ankle as it was cut off and put back on when I was younger (i was hit by a drunk driver). Therefor exercise is almost impossible. I just started yesterday and so far so good. So glad I found this sight. It is so nice to see I am not alone...