I've done it :)

bbandme Posts: 90 Member
Today is the day that I met my goal. I started this journey exactly 5 months ago today and I wanted to lose 2 stone. I have tried to lose weight so many times before, but this time it just clicked. I logged my food, I joined the gym and started making myself accountable.
The weight came off steadily, the exercise got easier, and all in all it hasn't felt that tough at all. I've still had mints and chocolate every day :)

The journey isn't done, now that I've got here I want to set new goals. I would like to lose another 7-10lbs, but there's no rush; I will continue doing what I've been doing, I will carry on at the gym and I will use the new bike I treated myself to.

The pics below are a couple of weeks ago, I will get updated ones later :)

Starting Weight: 175lbs
Current Weight: 147lbs
New Goal Weight: 136lbs