This is the friend machine! Enter and you will be bombarded by friend requests!



  • socksoffortitude
    socksoffortitude Posts: 69 Member
    Add me if you want an easy-going and motivational buddy! Be sure to send a message of some sort or I won't accept it!
  • Heydi79
    Heydi79 Posts: 79 Member
    Add me :)
  • blonde_emporium
    blonde_emporium Posts: 4 Member
    After some crappy news about corrective surgery on my stomach and a hernia repair... I gave up for a few weeks... feeling down. .. but am trying to do it again....
  • TopCop7747
    TopCop7747 Posts: 33 Member
    Feel free to add me. Just starting up.....again. Ugh.
  • dianniejt
    dianniejt Posts: 175 Member
    I started with MFP 3 years ago. I lost 60# in 4 months. Then I got sick and was on bed rest for 4 months. By then I didn't care that much anymore. I have kept off 50# but I am ready to lose another 75 or so. I have been back for 25 days and feeling so much better. Add me. I need motivational friends.
  • MsAnitaDatchicc
    MsAnitaDatchicc Posts: 9 Member
    Fezaltin wrote: »
    Feel free to add me!

  • Forest91
    Forest91 Posts: 1,203 Member
    Add me
  • maccaria
    maccaria Posts: 51 Member
    feel free to add me :)
  • slees21
    slees21 Posts: 44 Member
    Add me.
  • Karen_can_do_this
    Karen_can_do_this Posts: 1,150 Member
    Add me if you like, although I'm an Aussie and I swear. But I comment rather than like on your posts
  • bcschulz
    bcschulz Posts: 95 Member
    Add me!
  • christnewingate
    christnewingate Posts: 2 Member
    Luciano500 wrote: »
    Wound't that be nice? if you could just click one button in a add me as friend thread and add everyone at once?

    Anyways, I am game! you don't even need to elaborate much. Just reply with the words "add me" and you shall have lots of requests! or at least one! :blush:

    Please add me :-)
  • OfishelFit
    OfishelFit Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone! I'm brand new to MFP! Thought I had hit the friend goldmine...guess not :(

    Add me! I'll be supportive
  • nerdymathgrrl
    nerdymathgrrl Posts: 270 Member
    Add me--anyone who wants to! I log daily, I'm usually on here multiple times a day, and I have an open diary. I try to connect with my friends on here, so I comment on some posts rather than just hitting the like button, and not all of my posts are directly related to fitness. :smiley:
  • Karen_can_do_this
    Karen_can_do_this Posts: 1,150 Member
    I entered the machine and came out with a few STDs :(

  • clairepfitness14
    clairepfitness14 Posts: 36 Member
    My name is Claire! Aspiring bodybuilder here. Feel free to add me for motivation and tips to help you/and I reach our goals! :)
  • Kdpw123456
    Kdpw123456 Posts: 6 Member
    Alrighty, I'd love more people to keep me accountable. Just got out of the hospital, ideally would like to lose 20lbs to start with. (Lost 16lbs in hospital) overall goal would be close to 80lbs.

    Anyone with fitness tips would be AMAZING!
  • blakerudolf42
    blakerudolf42 Posts: 15 Member
    Add me!!
  • koutwater
    koutwater Posts: 47 Member
    Hi! Looking to increase my friends for fitness motivation:)