apps for phone help please.

jerber160 Posts: 2,606 Member
is there a phone app where I can input my workouts from my trainer? kinda like a spread sheet format...using the 'notes' function is stupid and gets erased.


  • JustMe2691
    JustMe2691 Posts: 111 Member
    I found FitNotes, but there are also spreadsheet apps available. Just search for spreadsheet if that's your preferred format.
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    If it's strength training, I just downloaded "jefit" which might work for you?
  • FabianRodriguez94
    FabianRodriguez94 Posts: 221 Member
    I think "Fitness Buddy" has exactly what your looking for.
  • jerber160
    jerber160 Posts: 2,606 Member
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    you guys are great. thanks But DAMN.. none are available for iphone?? and wait.. justme.. I use numbers on my computer. can I do it on phone? except it's been crazily slow lately