What do you eat for breakfast??



  • JoJoTheModern
    JoJoTheModern Posts: 20 Member
    Lately I've been having fruit alone, an apple and a kiwi. As a breakfast it takes a little getting used to but it provides more energy than it looks.
  • TimothyFish
    TimothyFish Posts: 4,925 Member
    Usually, bacon and eggs. Sometimes eggs and sausage or a bagel and cream cheese. Once in a while, a bowl of cereal.
  • patrickfish7
    patrickfish7 Posts: 190 Member
    Depends on the day but today was ON Whey Shake - 120 cals, Banana - 100 cals and scrambled egg and toast - 250 cals.
    COLTMUSCLE97 Posts: 224 Member
    Strawberry and banana milkshake :)
  • Sweets1954
    Sweets1954 Posts: 506 Member
    I tend to eat a lot of oatmeal in various forms for breakfast. I have a couple recipes that I can make up ahead of time, scoop out a portion and add some Greek yogurt and fruit. I will also eat an egg with a slice of toast and a slice or two of bacon or a sausage patty, usually on the weekend when I have more time to make something. I have also fixed pancakes or waffles, I will eat one and freeze the rest to have during the week. Instead of syrup I will have applesauce--I have done this as a child, it is my favorite way to have pancakes or waffles. I have gone on the internet and looked for low calorie breakfasts and have found many that I have tried.
  • StaciMarie1974
    StaciMarie1974 Posts: 4,138 Member
    Weekdays its usually a banana, some cheese, couple of hard boiled eggs, English muffin.

    Weekends banana & cereal followed by some snack after a walk or run, or Waffle House: scrambled egg/bacon/grits/raisin toast.

    Looking for new inspiration. Atm I have either scrambled eggs, avocado on toast or granola.

  • daw0518
    daw0518 Posts: 459 Member
    Sometimes just coffee depending on how busy my morning is, but usually a banana or chex with almond milk. Avocado toast though... YUM! I totally forgot I bought an avocado yesterday. Maybe that'll be lunch!
  • kali31337
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    I'm not really a breakfast person but I love chocolate in the morning so I eat a Fiber One brownie. It helps with that craving
  • Mikulam93
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    edited June 2015
    I am a creature of habit and tend to stick to one thing until I get sick of it :smile:
    I loveee sweet breakfasts.
    Right now it is protein oatmeal.

    50g Rolled Oats
    1 scoop PharmaWhey (make into a paste with water first, otherwise it curdles in the hot oats)
    1 tbsp Chia Seeds
    1 tsp coconut oil
    1/4 cup Berries

    Yum Yum!
  • Lasmartchika
    Lasmartchika Posts: 3,440 Member
    Pancakes, cereal (different kinds), pb n j sandwich, French toast, toast with cream cheese, oatmeal, beans eggs and fried plantain with sour cream, McDonald's, or Starbucks.
  • lore11a
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    Bump for later.
  • marciemartin1
    marciemartin1 Posts: 18 Member
    Mushroom, pepper & onion omelette with 1 egg and 1/4 cup egg substitute and a little cheddar cheese or a Mexican omelette with chili powder, cumin, s & p and salsa, cheddar cheese and avocado.
  • s2mikey
    s2mikey Posts: 146 Member
    Pancakes every day, basically. All different mixes and home made batches. I stick with whole wheat or out flour based cakes & sometimes protein-based but its pancakes for me daily. I love them and they give me a good carb boost in the morning which my body likes. For toppings, I stay with butter & some type of no-added-sugar fruit syrups or molasses.

    So - I eat about 6-8 each morning and even though its a lot of carbs... amazingly its not causing any weight gain issues at all. Hell, I feel leaner & have mor energy since switiching to a pancake breakfast diet :) I do reduce carb intake for later meals but still eat about 200-225 carbs per day. Perfect for me.
  • Rabin
    Rabin Posts: 18 Member
    Usually Greek yogurt and a banana. Sometimes I sub an English muffin for one of the two.
  • lisalewis7588
    lisalewis7588 Posts: 76 Member
    I pretty much only eat one thing :) Steel cut oats with coconut and almonds. The fiber sticks with me pretty much til lunch so I don't have to snack in the morning like I used to. I used to exclusively eat Swedish oats (1/3 cup rolled oats + 1/3 cup greek yogurt + 1/3 cup milk + berries, mix and let it sit overnight) but switched to steel cut a few months ago and haven't looked back.
  • Jgasmic
    Jgasmic Posts: 219 Member
    This week I made a frittata with broccoli and spinach and I'll have that every day. Next week I'll probably switch back to oatmeal, because I get tired of eggs pretty quickly.
  • TiffanyR71
    TiffanyR71 Posts: 217 Member
    2 scrambled eggs w/veggies (whatever I have around) and a little cheese. Oh, and black coffee.

    Today was w/tomato, onion, chives, & cheddar; yesterday was spinach & feta...
  • hellokathy
    hellokathy Posts: 540 Member
    I'm really not a breakfast person, so it's usually something quick. Lately I've been alternating between a slice of bread with either jam or speculoos spread and a bowl of cornflakes with soy milk. Usually, I also have some kind of fruit as well, a banana, some grapes, etc.

    Although I have to say, I quite like the whole overnight oats deal. But I prefer that during the winter months. My favorite is plums and cinnamon. :)
  • MarziPanda95
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    Nothing. But if I were hungry in the morning I'd probably have cereal or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, with plenty of earl grey tea :)