Do you feel like you're fit?



  • JoRocka
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    I haven't much thought of this. I don't really consider myself fit. But I don't consider myself "unfit"

    Actually quiet honestly I don't really use those words to describe myself- and I guess that's going down a different rabbit hole. I consider my self an athelete- and I consider myself strong.

    But if someone had to ask me to describe myself- I'd just say I'm a power lifter and a dancer and occasional runner. I don't say I'm a fit fur baby mom- or a fit state worker. it's not something I really thought of.

    Perhaps we should make a MFP Fit Test- or- use the military's PT tests LOL I like the idea of coming up with our own though- unfortunately it would probably look a lot like a CrossFit WOD in attempt to capture ALL angles of fitness- but it could be interesting!
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    ljones27uk wrote: »
    I do yes, especially compared to where I was a year ago... How about resting heart rate as a measure of fitness, i think thats supposed to be a good measure?

    I think the resting heart rate is a good measure.

    Compared to 3 years ago, I am seriously fit. My resting heart rate is now in the 50's, where 90's were the norm before I lost weight. I couldn't run a minute without feeling like I was going to die. I couldn't ride my bike around the block easily. I ran my first half marathon in April and regularly ride 20+ miles easily. (62.5 miles on Saturday)

    Compared to the girls in the bicycle group I ride with, I'm not even close to the most fit ones.

    It's all relative.
  • run_cmc
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    It's funny but...I definitely feel fit, but I feel fat as well. Does that even make sense? I know I can run, bike, and swim for hours. I know I can lift heavy things. I know when I try out a new exercise regimen, or when I do an unexpected new class (if mine is full at the gym, I'll pop into something else) and while I might be a little sore the next day, I'm capable of completing almost anything. I climb stairs and walk miles and lift my body weight comfortably, much more comfortably the lighter I get.

    So, yes. I feel really fit. I especially feel fit after sweating through a several-hour bike ride, switching shoes, and going on an hour-long run.

    But I need to lose weight. Sigh.
  • mbaker566
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    nope but I'm working on it
  • slaite1
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    At the moment, no. I am lifting again (after injury) but have completely lost my mojo on the cardio front. So I'm getting stronger and losing weight-but I don't "feel" very fit. I feel lazy.

    The last few years I would say I was very fit, and I am probably comparing myself to that time period. For me, I feel fit when I can run a few miles comfortably, sling some weight around, and be comfortable in my clothes. It's all relative. I think energy levels during daily life are a good indication.
  • AsISmile
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    Yeah, I do.
    After a 5 month work out break I'm almost back at my old level at two months in.
    I now work out 3 times a week.

    Am I where I want to be? No. I'll probably never get there because my goal will keep shifting. But I'm damn happy where I am and can't wait to keep improving!
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Yes, I feel like I am fit, unless I'm asked to run for a distance. I am strong, I have really good stamina for things like hiking, splitting or stacking firewood, yard or garden work, playing sports. But running does me in. I could probably run 5k if I was paid or being chased, but after 1 mile I start struggling. I can easily do a > 5k of run/walk intervals though. IDK what it is about sustained running, but it's the only thing that makes me feel not fit.
  • leggup
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    If someone (who didn't know me) were to look at a few pictures of me and pick out an adjective to describe my body type, I would say that they'd probably pick slender and maybe athletic. I'm not a rail, but I've lost most of my curves. Without getting a body scan (so, guessing), I've estimated my BF% to be in the 21-23% range. This is just my appearance. If I were in the UK, people would call me fit. In the UK, 'fit' means attractive/hot.

    In term of practical application of fitness, I can lift heavier weights than someone who is "not fit." I have more cardiovascular endurance from dance than someone who is not fit. I have more flexibility than someone who is not fit. I lead a more active lifestyle than someone who is not fit.

    As far as I'm concerned, I am fit.
  • MamaBirdBoss
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    Not at ALL.

    VO2max is 31.

    Not fit.
  • PeachyCarol
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    I don't think resting heart rate is a good measure! Some people naturally have high resting heart rates, even if they're very fit. I just had this conversation with a doctor the other day.

    I measure my fitness progressively. I don't think I'm objectively fit compared to some other people, but compared to what I used to be, I'm much fitter. I plan to keep working on it. The way I see it, there's always going to be a new goal I want to reach, so I don't know that I'll ever think of myself as having arrived at fitness since I'll always be reaching. I'm okay with that.
  • SezxyStef
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    I consider myself fit.

    I quit smoking, lost almost 60lbs, can run a 5k, can lift some heavy weights and don't tire easily doing regular chores like gardening etc. which I used to.

    I am actually in better shape physically than I was in my 20's while in the military...funny odd.
  • musclegood_fatbad
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    It all depends on who I am around. People at the office and most people I run into everyday make me feel fit. But once I get with some of the beasts I work out with at the gym or some of my very in shape friends, my fitness doesn't feel near as good but those are the people that drive me to get better and better.
  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    I am relatively fit for someone with my medical conditions. I am relatively fit for someone without my medical conditions. Compared to where I was in my late 20's, I'm still kind of a trainwreck endurance-wise, but I am much stronger than I was then. My goals have shifted from being super lean to being super-strong. I'd like to work on my speed a bit, so that watching my baby sister run for 40 minutes at 6.0 miles per hour doesn't seem like an unattainable pipe dream, on the other hand I very much doubt her deadlift stats are anywhere close to what I've accomplished. (And this is easy to assume, because she doesn't lift. That's not her priority.) My flexibility is in the toilet, and I will probably end up spending more time focusing on that than I will on my speed, because my flexibility has more impact on my daily comfort and movement than my ability to run a 5k that I probably won't ever enter will.

    I am generally happy with my fitness level, because I'm working on it every day, and pushing myself to improve.
  • tedioustrainingap
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    I'm not fit but I'm more fit than I was and that's what matters to me.

    A month ago, I couldn't walk half a mile (thanks to a longish term health condition) and now I can walk for half day. Daily swimming has made a massive difference to where I'm at and seeing (and more importantly feeling!) that vast improvement, reassures me that a decent level of fitness is again within reach.
  • lalangela
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    Sure! I workout 4-6 days a week. I can run a 5k and my time gets better each time. I can deadlift more than my body weight and I'm improving all the time. Yeah, I'd say I'm fit!
  • moesis
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    No, not even close. I am obese, my blood pressure is a bit high, I run out of breath fairly quickly when I run, my pulse recovery time is pretty long, and my resting pulse is much higher than it should be.

    Yeah, I think I'm in pretty rough shape.
  • Alidecker
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    I feel fit compared to most of my friends and people at work, but not compared to lots of people. I get more fit everyday though.
  • cwolfman13
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    yeah...but it's all relative.

    I'm fit, but am I as fit as my coach? Hell no...he's a coach and a retired professional athlete...I will never be that fit because I have an actual job and can't workout 10 hours per day.

    I'm fit, but am I as fit as I was in the military? Hell no...I was paid to train and train and train when I was in the military. I don't have hours on end to train every day.

    But yeah, I'm fit...I can go knock out a decent 5K without issue (though running really isn't my thing so I don't practice it much)...I can hop on my bike and knock out 50 miles for *kitten* and giggles and then come home and work in the yard...etc, etc, etc.

    Fitness is relative...also, even if you're fit there are going to be some things you're better at and others you're not as good at, and a lot of that is going to depend on what you practice the most, but there are also other genetic limitations that come into play. Even at the height of my fitness as a track and field sprinter in high school and then my time in the military, I've always been a *kitten* distance body isn't built to do that well...but I could smoke people in the 100M.
  • Noelv1976
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    I'm fit because the Army says so. I pass all the required physical training tests and height/weight measurements. BUT I feel like i am the best shape of my life.
  • professionalHobbyist
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    It is a good question.

    I always have a degree of self doubt. Being used to being unfit, this is different.

    I go by a few things. Blood tests and Dr reports. Time on my 5K loop on the treadmill. My resting heart rate and BP.

    Then.... There are the less scientific things. Opinions of others and how I am treated at the gym.

    The guys I workout with are a variety of ages, some 20 years younger to 10 years older. I do my workout and we don't compete per se. We push each other. A few have said I transformed over the last year and a half. One guy that is younger said I was as fit as anyone there. Obvious exaggeration. A trainer that is not mine said I would be in the top 10% of fit people there.

    People are nice. They exaggerate to be kind.

    So I feel I am on the way to being the best me. I'm more fit than ever, but not satisfied. There are many areas I need to improve on.

    One thing for sure... Eating less than I burn and exercising makes me more fit. It is a progress thing, not a destination.