Things That Make You Rationally Happy



  • mymadfatdiary94
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  • RNGRZulu
    RNGRZulu Posts: 3,964 Member
    Freaky Friday!
  • MommysLittleMeatball
    MommysLittleMeatball Posts: 2,064 Member
    When the scent of what I am cooking triggers a memory of being in my Nona's kitchen.
  • BaconBae
    BaconBae Posts: 4,568 Member
    My daughter's giggle
    Strong coffee
    Ice cold water
    French fries
    Warm temps with a cool breeze
    Having someone you miss reach out to you at that very moment
  • lexlowe
    lexlowe Posts: 908 Member
    Immediately after the first bite into a fruit when you realize that it is perfectly ripe, crisp, juicy, and flavorfully delicious.
  • CJisinShape
    CJisinShape Posts: 1,426 Member
    Making good progress.
  • Carpedieznutz
    Carpedieznutz Posts: 1,166 Member
    Avocado on pretty much anything
  • Shreshy
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  • Carpedieznutz
    Carpedieznutz Posts: 1,166 Member
    The Sage & Citrus Yankee Candle
  • MrsBooBear
    MrsBooBear Posts: 12,619 Member
    Waking up naturally,no frigging alarm!
    Cat purrs
  • Carpedieznutz
    Carpedieznutz Posts: 1,166 Member
    When I cook or bake something for the first time and it comes out perfect :)
  • jamieb55
    jamieb55 Posts: 145 Member
    The beach!!!
  • jamieb55
    jamieb55 Posts: 145 Member
    Chaelaz wrote: »
    Traveling the world but esp. being in Italy.


    So jealous, Italy is #1 on my list of places I want to visit!!!!
  • chloexoxmae
    chloexoxmae Posts: 32 Member
    I was upset about gaining a half pound (from yesterday to today) after a week of keto dedication. Then I relised the scale read that way because Im ragging.
    Females can at least appreciate that feeling.
  • blu_de_ville
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    Popping tags
  • Hey_Its_That_One_Guy
    Hey_Its_That_One_Guy Posts: 21,768 Member
    All you can eat sushi bars that actually have good sushi.
  • MrsGreen140
    MrsGreen140 Posts: 212 Member
    Saturday breakfast in bed from hubby

    A movie with an unpredictable ending

    Good dance choreography

    Recognition for a job well done at work
  • shennin001
    shennin001 Posts: 113 Member
    My baby when she giggles:)