need a free app for food exchanges :(

I met with a nutritionist yesterday, and I have to eat the following each day, and I'm confused, and need a good app for it. I changed all of the headings on daily tracker, but it doesn't do combination foods, so I'm still confused.

I have to eat:

11 carbohydrate exchanges (includes 2 milk/yogurt, 3 fruits, 6 starches) : 1 exchange = 15 grams carbohydrates

6 meat exchanges : 1 exchange = 7 grams of lean protein

3 non-starchy vegetables: 1 exchange = 1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw

6 fats: 1 exchange = 5 grams fat

So, wanting to continue using myfitnesspal, I changed the 6 headings on my "meals and snacks" to:

6 meat
2 milk/yogurt
3 non-starchy vegetables
3 fruits + 6 starches

I also changed what is measured, to what I needed.

Except now, instead of having the easy myfitnesspal, quick, logging, I have to figure out exchanges for foods -- which, if they are a combo food, a convenience food, etc...., it's a pita.

Wondering if you can direct me to a thread where people are talking about apps for exchanges. I'm looking for something that has an extensive database like myfitnesspal, but for diabetic food exchanges. I'm not diabetic, but she put me on the diet.

Thank you.


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    That is really confusing
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    My brain hurts.
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    Why did she put you on a diabetic diet if you aren't a diabetic?

    Have you looked into a second opinion?
  • The weight management program that I go to through the local hospital is doing the same thing, I'm allowed 5 fat servings, 8 meat/protein servings, 5 vegetable, 4 fruit and 2 milk and 5 starches.

    It's been working for me. I have a book they gave me that lists most of the common food exchanges but sometimes I need to look things up.

    Here's a couple of sites that I use
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    OK, thank you MorningWhisper, I'm going to look at those.

    I'm having trouble with *combination* foods, like pizza. How do you figure those in? Are you still logging at myfitnesspal, and also doing the exchanges separately?....
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    BTW, This System Is Just A Plain Ol' American Diabetic Food Exchange System. The One They've Used Forever. I'm SHOCKED That I Can't Find A Good App That Knows Food Exchanges!! The Are Extremely Common.

    That's Why I Think I'm Looking In The Wrong Places Or Using The Wrong Search Terms Or Something.

    It Doesn't Make Sense That There Wouldn't Be An App.
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    I use an app called Recovery Record and it converts combinations into exchanges.
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    It has been a while since this post was asked...but has anyone found an app for food exchanges? I looked in the Recovery Record but I don't see where you can list a food and it comes up with the exchanges. For that app, it looks like you need to know what the exchanges are yourself.
  • HI! I'm also looking for a food exchange app. I really didn't think it would be this hard. :)
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    how about Food Exchange List (ios) ? I haven't used it but it looks like it might be good.
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    has anyone used this iOS app?

    btw, I am curious why a dietician or nutritionist would not have an app(s) to suggest
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    Zombie Thread.
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    3 years after the initial post here, we are still searching for this feature. I also just started on a diet where I have to keep track of exchanges for starches, proteins, vegetables, fruits, milk, and fat and, most importantly, also the exchanges for carbs, where applicable. I have to do this for 4 meals a day, which all have different, individual requirements. After trying 6 apps last week, I came back to MFP. I pay attention to the exchanges when I plan meals, but I do the nutrition printout and then calculate backwards and fill-in to give the report my dietitian expects to get in a month.
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    Tops (Take off Pounds Sensibly) have their own app now for food exchanges.
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    A list like that would make me quit before I even posted anything. I suck at math and that list is advanced trigonometry. 😩
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    Convert exchanges to grams. Log foods as you eat them in grams. Look at your total grams. If they match within say 10% or so, then you've eaten the correct exchanges.

    Extra bonus points. Make sure that the targets when converted to calories make sense to achieve reasonable weight goals in reasonable time frames. The original post is very close to 1200 Cal if not slightly below depending on the vegetable choices. This may or may not be appropriate or necessary.

    There is nothing that can be expressed in exchanges that could NOT be expressed in grams.