Am i causing damage to veins? Scared to carry on working out.

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Been following Strong Curves workout program for a month or two now and suddenly this last week had a load of veins appearing through my skin. They arent bulging but i can see them sort of glowing greeny blue through my skin. All over my feet, up my legs everywhere, hands, forearm, belly, breast, above armpit etc. I have lost a tiny tiny bit of weight but nothing much its as if the veins have became bigger. But one thing thats making me wonder if im damaging my veins is because a few weeks ago i had a big blue vein appear under my eye. It doesnt bulge out but its very dark and i struggle to cover it with makeup.

Is there something wrong with my veins? Im scared to carry on working out incase i make it worse. Is the straining of lifting weights bad for me? I want to achieve a slightly bigger rounder butt, lose some belly fat and i guess "tone" up mostly everywhere else. Is that possible without using weights?


  • tedioustrainingap
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    What's your current BMI number?

    Swimming is a good all over cardio and resistance work out.

    It's normal for veins to be more visible as we lose weight and even bulge as we work out but if you have any concerns (and the vein under your eye does sound unusual) get to a doctor for a check up.

  • cheekygem240
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    I havent even lost that much weight and ive been working out a month or two now why all of a sudden? Im really concerned.
  • tedioustrainingap
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    It could be an anomaly or could happen suddenly through either a health condition or pregnancy. Go for a check up :)
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    When was the last time you got some good ole Vitamin D from Sunshine?

    Just sayin'... I have a Scottish background and I'm as pale as paper. My veins can be seen all over because I'm so pale.

    Maybe you just need some sunshine?
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    Last physical?
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    Your veins are not under pressure like your arteries. This is because the pressure is lost when blood moves through the capillaries. In order to return blood to the heart, your veins work like toothpaste tunes. When you move your muscles squeeze the veins pushing the blood forward. You have one way valves in your veins that prevent the blood from moving backwards. If you have become more active you are moving a larger volume of blood through your veins causing them to become engorged. I doubt you're doing any damage to your veins. In time you.may notice they get even bigger as they compensate for the higher blood flow. On the up side, if you need to give blood or have an IV it should be easier to get. :smile:
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    I'm doing a recomp and my veins around my lower abs/bikini area are showing...For some reason I thought it was a good thing. Or I didn't think much about it...But I think what you're describing is different.