How faithfully do you stick to your daily calorie allowance?



  • Tahlia68
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    My goal is 1200 and I stick to it religiously every day. I never go over, I'm usually under. I seem to get really hungry around bedtime?
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    At the moment I'm prepping for a comp and have a meal plan I follow to the gram. When I'm not prepping I have macro goals which I follow... To the gram... That's just me.

  • Orphia
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    I earn myself extra calories through exercise, and don't eat many of those back in case they're overestimated, but they give me wiggle room.
  • PAV8888
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    Like someone else mentioned earlier, this is a new lifestyle for me, so it makes no sense to obsess about the occasional over or under as long as "in general" things move in the right direction.

    It helps tremendously that part of my lifestyle change involved upping my activity level.

    On the rare occasions that I revert to my previous sedentary lifestyle (and "earn" a substantial negative adjustment from my Fitbit), I do have trouble staying within my caloric allotment, and as a result I am painfully reminded that if I want to continue eating a decent quantity of food I have to get off my butt and move more!

    Your problem, OP, is that you are 21 yo, and set to 1200 Cal a day.

    If you are very short, there is not much you can do about it.

    However, quite a few females who are set to 1200 calories are setup that way because they've set themselves as sedentary and with an aggressive caloric deficit to achieve rapid weight loss.

    And a goodly percentage then goes on to not eat back exercise calories in (presumably) an attempt to create an even larger deficit.

    With the inevitable result that eventually things come crashing down.

    The solution being to eat at a more sustainable deficit, which presumably would include setting yourself at your true/correct activity level AND eating back a good % of your exercise calories.

    Now, if you are 21 yo, are setup correctly as sedentary, and do not earn a few hundred exercise adjustment calories that you can (and should) eat back on each and every day, I will have to commiserate with you regarding the health concerns that are stopping you from being more active.
  • Glinda1971
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    I have my stats set up to lose 1/2 pound per week. Knowing that, I tend to eat about 500 below my target on most days and right on target on days when I feel like I need more food.

    I do this as well and I'm losing, on average 1 to 1.5 lbs per week.

    ETA - I always eat at least 1200, usually closer to 1500, and earn my extra deficit from my Fitbit.
  • dembly
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    As pav said.. framing this as a short term thng will cycle you through high motivation periods and them crashing points of defeat...

    I average my calories over the week.. about 4/7 days I am under.. but I ate pizza this week and so that day was way over.. I used to struggle and feel I had failed every time I saw red.. now I realise that I lose weight even with red as long as it is under my base limit.. giving myself permission to go over when events or life happens has made it easier to keeo going the next day :-D
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    For example, if your calorie goal is 1200, must you always eat exactly 1200 (or within a 10-20 cal range) or do you stay within a larger range (e.g 100-150 cals)?

    Also, I have hit my goal for the day... but really craving an evening snack. How do I resist these cravings?

    My daily allowance is 1200 or 1400 with exercise, five days out of seven. My calorie intake fluctuates from day to day (usually under allowance, sometimes over), so I look at my weekly total instead. Every week, I am slightly under my total allowance, so this allows me a stress free approach to eating. It all balances out. Zig zag dieting definitely works better for me :)
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    My goal is 2130 to lose 1 pound a week. However, so long as I'm at maintenance calories or lower I'm fine with the day. So I can eat up to 2630 calories with no problems. I try to limit the days I hit my maintenance to keep my weight loss up to a fast enough pace.

    I am in no rush in getting to my target weight (24.2/50 pounds through so far), and I'm treating this as a long term lifestyle change rather than "OMG need to lose these pounds NOW/diet" that always seems to fail for me. So far so good!

    That's how I eat too, that way I don't get too stressed about eating and calories. I don't mind going over my goal (which is losing 0.5lbs per week) and maintaining for a while. I just try not to go over my TDEE calories.
  • echmainfit619
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    I *never* go over my calorie allowance but I often end up 100-200 calories under it.
  • DeguelloTex
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    Over the last 12 weeks, I've been 117.42 calories per week under my goal, so off by about 17 calories a day.
  • Shreshy
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    My calorie goal is 1450 but I'm always about 500 cal under or even more...I don't know what has happened to my appetite but I don't feel hungry a lot and I exercise but I never make my calorie goal. I don't known if this is healthy or if my calorie goal is too much for me ?