Looking for friends

Hi I'm a bit of a yoyo dieter and have used this app a few times off and on over the past few years. I've now ditched the crash diets and have adopted a healthy eating lifestyle, aiming to mostly eat real natural foods. I'm really determined to lose my last 2 stone and get to target weight for the first time in my life! It would be great to have some friends on here for motivation and to have a nosey at what others are eating lol so please feel free to add me, whatever stage you are at :-)


  • Martha6010
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    Feel free to add me I'm 5'4 173 lbs. Just started jullian michaels 30 day shred on level 1 day 3 getting inshape. Ive been on here a while when I first started fitnesspal I lost 25 lbs was down to 161lbs then gave up and gained all back now starting over. Ive lost 11 lbs so far I can do it. Eith motivation & support we can do this takes time and determination and will power to stick to it :)
  • rania9995
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    You can add me
  • mucciad
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    Hi heather. My weight also does yo yo which is usually because I fall off the wagon and don't get back on.. I just restarted a week ago and would love it if we could help support each other! I have about 60lbs to get to my target weight so I'm in it for the long hull!
  • Rainesky1
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    Hi add me. :)
  • culimbita
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    Hi! You can add me too!
  • jvpool54
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    I'm doing the same thing as you are Heather. Nice to meet you :) add me and we can keep each other honest . Haha
  • alyssajade13
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    Anyone can add me too! I'm working hard on my weightloss journey and I still have about 38 pounds to go. I'm happy to keep people motivated and we can work together! :)
  • ashwiniphk36
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  • kelleyjhale
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    Hi! You can add me too!
  • 1shep1
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    Add me too
  • andresfelipe53
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    Hey! Yall can add me
  • HeatherDunnell1979
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    Every time I try and add people it's coming up with an error message. Is this happening to anyone else?
  • sonivmartin
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    I would like to be added...since you seem to be having problems, I'll try. I struggle with staying focused.
  • 1ChunkyMonkey87
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    Every time I try and add people it's coming up with an error message. Is this happening to anyone else?
    Yes, doing people and trying to pull up messages. FRUSTRATING!
  • miniminto
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    Hi add me too, have started to slide up to the fatty mcbutter pants end of the wardrobe again!
  • GdeVries
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    Same here. Me too. Ditto.
    started on mfp 3 years back and managed to lose about 10 kilos. It's all back. Looking for pals! Feel free to add me!
  • schandler1011
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    I have a hard time staying on track. I have found a pretty simple thing that works for me but I still have that silly last 10 pounds I can't get rid of!
  • mhoyt717
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    I would be happy to join you all:) I have 100 to loose, so I'm in for the long haul :) I'm not real techy so I sometimes get lost around here.this is only my second day.But I love it!
  • dtsbrown
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    Feel free to add me I'm on daily and have an open diary. We can motivate each other
  • imdawnmarie
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    I'm looking for help and motivation too!! :)