Why do you work out

Today I had a friend ask me why I work out everyday and after thinking for a few moments I told him it helps with my confidence, if I think I look better I feel better about myself. So my question is why do you work out, what's your motivation


  • zdyb23456
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    I like feeling fit, achieving personal goals, and being able to eat more.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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  • JustMe2691
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    I like the "high" it gives me and I like the sound sleep I get at night.
  • professionalHobbyist
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    It is transforming my body

  • NutritionDivaRD
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    It helps lower my blood pressure, improves my mood on bad days, I sleep better at night, and I fit in smaller clothes. :wink:
  • Samenamenewlook
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    To be a better me ...
  • BoxerBrawler
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    To be fit and transorm my body. Because I am competative and enjoy pushing myself to achieve new goals. To be able to eat what I want, when I want and not feel guilty. To have the kind of body that people stare at :smile: , because of the high I get, because of the sense of community in some of my classes an at my MMA club, for the confidence in knowing I can achieve anything physically challenging.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    because i like to eat
  • QueenKristine77
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    I like to feel Strong!
  • mbaker566
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    because I like to eat. and because it helps me get healthier. it improves my ablity to enjoy hikes and that sorta thing.
    because I want to be toned and not skinny fat when I get to my goal weight
  • cwolfman13
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    Because being fit is awesome and regular exercise is also required for optimal health. I don't exercise necessarily everyday, but I do exercise regularly...to be 5-6 days per week usually.
  • yopeeps025
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    It helps to get to my goals. Also I get the confidence thing you feel. That is a added bonus of working out I think every exerciser will feel or start to feel.
  • IsaackGMOON
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    cus im making all kind of gainz
  • PandoraGreen721
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    Because I actually enjoy it.
  • blueriotgirl
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    To relieve stress and to get fit and toned and let out whatever pent up aggresion i store inside.
  • krdews
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    Addicted to the "high"... that anxious feeling on a day I'm running 8 miles, the calm once I hit that 1 mile mark and nothing but the rhythm of my breath and shoes hitting the pavement and that strong, confident feeling at the end.
  • AsISmile
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    Because it helps me reduce stress, makes my body stronger and is good for my memory.
    But mainly because I really enjoy it and really miss it if I don't go.
  • VioletRojo
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    1. My first reason is that it feels good. I've been fat, thin, and fit. Fit feels the best.
    2. I also like to test my body to see what it can do. Can I run this half-marathon faster than the last one? Can I lift a little more weight today?
    3. And the side effect is that at almost fifty, I'm in the best shape of my life body shape-wise, and health-wise.
  • sabrinacrandall
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    To stay healthy and active. So my bones and muscles and joints continue to function properly into old age.
  • cindyangotti
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    So I can eat more!!! that really is what motivates me. LoL Looking better and feeling better are a close second.