73 lbs down! Almost there!



  • Gska17
    Gska17 Posts: 752 Member
    You are looking GOOD! How tall are you? We look similar I think.
  • nicola8989
    nicola8989 Posts: 381 Member
    wow, well done, you look amazing!!! How tall are you? My start weight isn't far off yours and I am hoping I look as good when I get to a similar weight!
  • Emilia777
    Emilia777 Posts: 978 Member
    That’s incredible work, well done!
  • perseverance14
    perseverance14 Posts: 1,364 Member
  • runnerchick69
    runnerchick69 Posts: 317 Member
    Congrats! I went from 230 pounds and 42% body fat to 128 pounds and 19% body fat. It's an awesome feeling :) You look fabulous!
  • Lonestar5775
    Lonestar5775 Posts: 740 Member
    Totally impressive and congratulations! What a feeling of accomplishment you must have to know you have altered your life by being committed to a goal!
  • henrt005
    henrt005 Posts: 1 Member
    Thank you! You've done an AWESOME job.

    I saw a weird weight gain today (3 pounds) despite consistent clean eating and 2-hour workouts every day. Maybe it's depression, insomnia or muscle from strength training, but I've been down on myself today. The scale is just SLOW to budge right now.

    I need to lose 50-60 pounds, and seeing your results and that smile lift me up and make me ready for a quick workout and a new outlook. Thank YOU!
  • krazyforyou
    krazyforyou Posts: 1,428 Member
    Looking good
  • CleanUpWhatIMessedUp
    CleanUpWhatIMessedUp Posts: 206 Member
    Wow. You must be really tall, because that 177 looks great on you.
  • pdwhitlock
    pdwhitlock Posts: 83 Member
    Thank you all for the sweet comments. For those asking, I am 6'0". My sagging skin has been an issue particularly on my arms, glutes and abs. I am combating the skin issue by lifting heavy and a skin cream I bought that Nivea makes. I use it twice a day when I wake up and at bed and have noticed it firming up my skin. Also, the building of muscle helps fill in some of the area and give the skin something to cling to. Everyone I've talked to about significant weight loss says it takes about two years of maintaining your final weight for your skin to completely bounce back. So just like the loss, we have to be patient. It didn't stretch out overnight and it won't bounce back overnight. Also, hydration really helps your skins elasticity. So drink lots of water and use a hydrating lotion.
  • wannaloseit77
    wannaloseit77 Posts: 37 Member
    Wow, you looking amazing! Well done!
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,287 Member
    you look fit! and great. nice work..well done.
  • heathergetshealthier
    heathergetshealthier Posts: 28 Member
    You look amazing and a decade younger!
  • mistydawnlack
    mistydawnlack Posts: 1 Member
    pdwhitlock wrote: »
    i started in October 2014 at 250 lbs and over 40% body fat. It's now July and I'm at 177 and 26% body fat. 17 lbs from my final goal. I'm averaging 1.9 lbs which always seemed slow but this is so much easier than trendy crash diets. The loss is definitely more difficult now, but my drive is greater and I love working out, weight lifting, etc. good luck everyone on your journey!

    U look great!! So motivating to hear everyone's stories!!

    You look great! Way to go!
  • Sunshine1337
    Sunshine1337 Posts: 56 Member
    You look awesome! You have found your strength! Thanks for sharing with us. I'm down 38 with 64 to go since Jan. Stories & pics like yours inspire all of us. Happy for you!
  • Xena067
    Xena067 Posts: 28 Member
    Your transformation is absolutely amazing! I have no doubt that you will reach your goal, and agree with you 100%: slow and steady wins this race!!
  • stephchadz
    stephchadz Posts: 143 Member
    You look wonderful! Awesome job.
  • snowfallingsoftly
    snowfallingsoftly Posts: 34 Member
    Wow! Inspiration! I almost believe I can do it too. Thanks.
  • kg047
    kg047 Posts: 95 Member
    Congrats! You look great.
  • pdwhitlock
    pdwhitlock Posts: 83 Member
    Wow! Inspiration! I almost believe I can do it too. Thanks.

    Of course you can do it! I've failed by giving up so many times! It wasn't until I determined that no matter how many off days I had, I could still continue, and got back on track, that I found my own success! If I can you can!
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