Put on 1 pound - my first ever failure!



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    The fact you think its an issue means you should learn about fluctuations.
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    Lysander wrote:
    I've normally got this weight loss thing sorted but for the first week ever, I put ON a pound!
    If you need to lose weight, obviously you've put on pounds (many of them) before.
    1 lb is a normal fluctuation. Look back over the last few weeks. Have you lost weight from a month ago? Then
    keep doing whatever you're doing.
    1 lb is 2 cups of water. It's not hard to drink that much or (at least in summer) sweat it off. One day last winter I
    weighed before & after shovelling, and IIRC I'd lost nearly 2 lb. That was a lot of heavy snow!

    I'm normally on about 1500 cals a day
    We can't see anything about you, other than that you say you're male, but 1500 is the minimum for a male of
    average size who's inactive. If you're younger, or active, you'll need more.
    How much do you have to lose to get to a healthy BMI range? If it's 40 lb or less, aim for 0.5 lb a week.

    Sun - family meal [cannot estimate cals]
    Sure you can. Record what foods you ate, and make your best guess as to the volume or mass of your serving.

    I say 'hit goal' but the fact is that I had a lot of bulgar wheat and I have no idea what the cals are for that.
    I thought it was about 250-300 a bowl.
    How big is your bowl? How full do you fill it?
    Weigh & or measure the volume of your food, until you get to where you can estimate well.

    As for finding nutrition info...
    When I put the string [usda bulgar wheat] into the food search bar, it came up with lots of entries.
    Of the first 17, 12 would be usable. Pick one which has "USDA" or that's a brand name (Tesco, Arrowhead,
    Hodgson Mill).
    For "Hodgson Mill, 1/4 cup dry", the database says 120 calories. Not sure how much that weighs or how much it
    cooks up to.
    When I used [USDA bulgher wheat] one of the first entries is "Whole Foods - bulgher, cooked", and for 1 cup it
    says 151 calories.

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    Our bodies naturally fluctuate with our weight. I have been doing it by 3 pounds. I'm trying not to stress over it, one pound is nothing. just try using a food scale and accurately looking up food calories, not everything posted on MFP in the food logging area is accurate.
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    ariamythe wrote: »
    Just to add: one pound is NOT a failure. It's variance.

    Weight loss is not linear. No matter how "good " you are, you will not lose weight every single week! Salt, time of month, undigested food in your belly, etc will all show up on the scale. Expecting to lose every week will set you up for disappointment because it just isn't realistic.
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    I am 2.1 lbs heavier this morning than I was yesterday morning. I can assure you I didn't eat 7000 calories over maintenance yesterday. Weight goes up and down all the time.
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    lol. I put on 4 pounds every monday. Am I a failure?!
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    Ah...you women. Gain a pound and you are lost. Lol. Don't sweat it, its not really an issue. If you weighed yourself 5 times per day, you'd probably have a cow. Just keep doing what you are doing, and it will all be fine.

    Happy 4th!
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    OP you are doing great; but, you also need to address your expectations.

    Either you haven't been at this for a very long period of time, or you have an insanely large deficit. In most other cases you would have long realized that a 1lb variance (a multi-lbs variance if you are a woman and dealing with TOM) is absolutely trivial and common and almost always caused by water retention.

    1500 Cal for a man says you've set MFP at 2lbs a week. Which is fine if you're currently obese. A more conservative target would be 0.5lbs per week per 25lbs you need to lose to get to the bottom end of your normal bmi.

    Using a program such as www.weightgrapher.com to record your weight ins (happy scale for the iphone; www.trendweight.com in conjunction with an appropriate scale or a free fitbit account you can use to manually record your weigh ins) will allow you to see your weight trend over time and eliminate the noise introduced by water weight variations.

    Sounds like you had a great week with family and celebrations. Good for you!
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    Weight fluctuates all the time +/- a few pounds, tomorrow it could be gone and some more with it :smile:
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    Well, today I am a whole two pounds less than yesterday. Didn't know weight could change this much over a short period. Thanks, everyone.
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    that's called a 'fluctuation', not a 'failure'.
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    I put on 2 pounds this week. Went on vacation and was fine the first few days and then a bit loose the last few. I know it's probably water for the most part because it wasn't THAT bad. I'm back on track today!
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    Definitely not a failure! My weight goes up and down a few pounds all the time, it can be any number of things, water weight, hormones etc. I have an app called Happy Scale where I track my weight every day, it draws a graph of your weight trends so as long as that is always headed in a downward direction it doesn't matter if I fluctuate by a few pounds.