39 Pounds and Counting! (Pics)

hkmcvaugh Posts: 14 Member
I started my journey back on March 15 at just over 238 pounds. Today I'm at 199 pounds.
Before today I really didn't notice much of a change other than my clothes starting to fit better. Looking back at my before pictures, I'm finally proud of myself. I still have a lot to lose but I know I can do it if I can get this far. I'm two pant sizes down and finally in the 100's again! Looking at others' pictures and stories definitely helped motivate me so I hope this can help some of you. Good luck to everyone, we can do this!
It's taking a lot for me to post this but here goes nothing:


  • 20AlainasMommy15
    20AlainasMommy15 Posts: 4 Member
    Awsome work !!! I would love to know everything you've done to get your results
  • soldiergrl_101
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    Thats a huge difference your back and stomach look so much smaller!!!
  • Littlepeeper
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    Wow! Great job. You have a beautiful figure. Keep it up!
  • rushfive
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    Oh Wow !!!!! big difference.. thanks so much for posting this !!
  • icanplay3
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    Great job! You have such a nice hourglass shape! Beautiful! :)
  • hkmcvaugh
    hkmcvaugh Posts: 14 Member
    Awsome work !!! I would love to know everything you've done to get your results
    I really just log everything I eat and try to keep it under 1200 calories a day. I still eat the same food I did before, just less of it. I've also tried to be active and go on more walks than I did before. That doesn't always happen though.

    Thank you so much everyone!
  • saraevelyn21
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    Girl, your body is bangin'!!

    Thanks for posting!!
  • Syneea
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    You have the Best waist line! I could only dream of having something remotely similar! Good job. :)
  • mandybear014
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    WOW! You look incredible! Welcome to one-derland! :smiley:
  • ManyouknowIsurecantstay
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    I have just begun my journey, and you're an inspiration. You look beautiful.. Feel free to add me ☮
  • Wookinpanub
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    Nice work, look great. you look a lot less than 199. Nice work around the mid section.
  • tiffanylacourse
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    Way to go! You look great! :)
  • streamgirl
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    Awesome curves! You are doing great--keep it up!
  • niharikashukla28
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    wow u look amazing!!! Congratulations on your hard work :)
  • hkmcvaugh
    hkmcvaugh Posts: 14 Member
    It's so nice to know that you all can see a difference. Thanks everyone for all the comments and kind words, I really appreciate it!
  • procolorer
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    You have such an amazing waist line!! Looking great :)
  • kg047
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    Great job! You look wonderful!
    AMB3RXO Posts: 3 Member
    Great job! Thank you for sharing!
  • tmove2015
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    Wonderful! Great results!
  • jnoegrah
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    keep up the great work!