125 Pound to lose and determine to lose them

chism21 Posts: 155 Member
Hi, I'm not exactly new to the website, but i'm looking for new peers to get through this journey that is weight loss. I Want to lose 125 pound. When I weight myself two weeks ago I was 300Lbs so I started to go to the Gym I'm currently 294. I would like to have some people to talk the process through, share tricks and recipes. if you interested send a friend request.


  • losing150pounds
    losing150pounds Posts: 8 Member
    I currently have lost 45lbs, and I have another 100+ to go, I sent you a request.
  • RainbowKitty37
    RainbowKitty37 Posts: 14 Member
    Feel free to add me. I have over 100 to lose as well.
  • chism21
    chism21 Posts: 155 Member
    Guess I forgot to included some info about myself:
    I'm male 24, new York, Full time worker, full time college student.