Motivation and Support Needed

Hey everyone. I'm Shelle. I'm coming back after a very long hiatus. I stepped on the scale on July 1st, 2015 and I was shocked by what I saw. I couldn't understand why and how I let myself gain that much weight.

I haven't been 295 lbs since I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I didn't even realize that I weighed that much because am 5'9 and I am proportioned very well.

Either way, it was enough to kick me into gear. It is hard unless you feel like you have a support system. My husband hasn't jumped on board yet, so I feel like I'm constantly fighting temptations.

If anyone wants and needs support, please add me. We could help one another!

:) started at 286!


  • melissaf0405
    melissaf0405 Posts: 67 Member
    Congrats on your progress that's awesome!!
  • rondag1
    rondag1 Posts: 5 Member
    The first step is the hardest and you've taken it...I started April 1 of 2014 and lost 56 lbs but then stalled..took a 6 month hiatus but was careful and stayed within 5 lbs of I'm back at it. ..message me anytime you need a buddy..
  • JRitaK
    JRitaK Posts: 62 Member
    You're already on your way! Congrats. =-)
    And I know all about temptation. Best advice? Track everything you eat. It is some serious accountability because you will see what you are consuming. Also, if you can, measure/weigh everything too to be as accurate as possible.

    Also if you're struggling at home maybe remove tempting foods. I don't buy any junk really because I know I struggle with self control. Find healthier alternatives. Maybe your husband will join you once he takes notice of your [email protected] progress! You go, girl!
  • ToshaPfit4life
    ToshaPfit4life Posts: 8 Member
    Doing good Shelle!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I was surprised when I stepped on the scale earlier this week too...I said to myself I have got to do something...5'8" and well proportioned as well but my scale said 198... I believe it was wrong
  • bigorangemichael
    bigorangemichael Posts: 27 Member
    You've made a great start! Keep up the great work!