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Losing weight while breastfeeding

Hi! I'm Sara and I'm 28 years old! I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old who is still EBF. Just wanting to meet others who are trying to keep your supply up while trying to lose weight because it's a tricky task and I'm all for some advice! :)


  • Sweetlux
    Sweetlux Posts: 222 Member
    I have a 9 month old who is EBF. I just joined an 8 week weightloss challenge and I need to learn how to log my BF calories so I can eat them :) plus my crossfit calories. So I'm a little confused!
  • MamaHokie
    MamaHokie Posts: 36 Member
    My 13-month-old still nurses 2-3x/day. I didn't focus on my weight for a year. I waited to really attack the calorie counting until he was getting a solid portion of his nutrition from foods because I wanted to make sure he was getting enough and I could keep up my supply. I agree that trying to keep up your supply while actively trying to lose weight is a tricky task. Since I didn't feel like I could do both well, i opted to put baby's needs first. It's only for such a short season. We're to the point now that if I stopped making milk we'd both be okay.
  • larali1980
    larali1980 Posts: 162 Member
    My kids are now 6 and 9, but I breastfed them both for two years each. The good thing about breastfeeding is that it tends to help you lose weight. At least, it did for me. (Too bad I gained it back!) Of course, drinking a lot of water helps with supply. My first one was sensitive to dairy proteins in my breastmilk, so I had to eliminate all dairy for about a year while breastfeeding her-- including cheese-- so that helped with dropping pounds. Not saying you should do that, but hey, it's an idea! Congrats on being a breastfeeding mama!