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Hello...I had been an MFP user for over 1,000 consecutive days on my old account. Then I got a divorce, moved 1500 miles away, moved back, changed jobs twice and somewhere along the way I lost my motivation. I dropped 75 pounds in 8 months the first time around, I am looking to drop about 50 this time. I would love to add some friends who are active users no friend collectors. I love to give and receive support. Today is the first day of hopefully another 1,000 consecutive day streak. Cheers!


  • MamaHokie
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    I also had a previous account. In 2013 I lost about 50lbs. But instead of divorce, moving, and changing jobs.... I had a sports injury and a baby. I took a year to really focus on my baby and not worry too much about my shape. I created a new account for a fresh start, and I'm ready to transition from baby maker/feeder back into athlete.