My Mother Told Me I Looked Pregnant.

I am not. She pointed out that my belly sticks out perfectly rounded like I am expecting. I am a 22 yr old female. I shouldn't look or feel this way. My boyfriend and family say they are here to be supportive but then eat and order junk and fat and sugar food in front of me and they are by no means twigs either. I lost the weight before unhealthy but I want to do it right. I gained 100 pounds in a year. I hide food and chocolate and when I say I overeat I am not exaggerating. I eat enough so my stomach aches.

I'm just here looking for encouragement or to see if other's struggle the same way.


  • AuntieCeeCee
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    Hey. It seems like you need some support. Feel free to add me. I have also had people comment about me looking pregnant; It`s not a good feeling
  • JessicaOnFitTrip
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    I sent you both a friend request! Hope you'll accept me!

    I could write a book on the negative things my mother has said to me about my weight loss.
    Telling me I look pregnant was one of them.
    Or how I look like a penguin. Or how much smaller she was than me. Or how big my waist size has gotten while out shopping.

    I eventually just had to cut her out of my life temporarily and then learned to love her from a distance. She's always, always been a negative Nancy, and I know she's not going to change.

    But I know that I can change, that I have control over my own body, my own decisions, my own diet, and my life.

    I wish you luck, if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to reach out. :flowerforyou:

    -Jess :heart:
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    Aww, i know how you feel - its not fun. I had 2 separate people in the same week ask me if i was pregnant again. I wasnt! Oh the shame!. But on a positive note it was a huge turning point for me. Within a few days i made the decision to do something about it. I joined MFP, discovered how many calories i should be eating to lose weight, re-set my macros to solid low-carb ratios, and started logging. Easy as that. Im glad those people told me i looked pregnant because otherwise i might have just carried on in denial, gaining weight & losing control of my body. Instead i have lost 22lbs (in 2-3 months), and im about 9 pounds from my initial goal weight; im happier, healthier & the stand-out comments ive received lately are asking me if i work out, not if im pregnant again. Got to love that. :)
    I went Keto (very low carb) about 6 weeks ago and im loving its effects.

    I think having a wake-up call is a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to do something about it. Commit to sticking to your calories/macros, logging accurately, and maybe moving a little more if you feel up to a little exercise, and the weight will come off, the tummy will shrink away, and you will look and feel amazing. Trust me - you can do it!

    Add me if you like. Good luck.

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    It sounds like you may be depressed. Make an appointment to see your primary care provider. Add me as a friend.
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    Don't feel bad I was at the liquor store a couple years ago and the cashier I asked when I was due. Because you know I guess I'm drinking for two. I was not pregnant and only slightly overweight. People are mean and clueless.
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    Add me to the look pregnant-not pregnant club. I'm 49 and it is an awful feeling when someone ask you when you are due. I agree that you should talk to your doctor, I was about 23 when I started struggling with depression and anxiety.
  • tterreble
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    My friend and I have both received comments like that, really sucks. Until my friend just started answering the question "When are you due?" with a serious/sarcastic voice "No, I'm not pregnant.. I'm just fat!" You really get funny reactions from people, because they never expect an answer like that :lol:
    But it also really made me want to change that.. now on my MFP journey to lose over 15kg, but some motivated friends are always a plus*

    Feel free to add me as friend, if you want to team up!
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    I think you should talk to your doctor about your over eating. Hiding food and eating until your in pain is not healthy or normal habits and I think finding out what causes you to act that way might be very beneficial to you on your weight loss journey.

    Also someone saying they'll support you does not mean they have to give up fatty foods and takeout. They're your family and your bf's family so I imagine you spend a lot of time with them, so just because you've decided to make healthier choices doesn't mean they have to too. And if you spend a significant amount of time with them then it's inevitable that they'll be eating in front of you.

    Believe me, I know it's not easy! I've been where you are. Hiding food, overeating and wanting everyone to be on a diet because I couldn't resist! You just have to work through it all and build up your willpower. It's not easy, it's not going to get easy either, but you can do it. it's something you have to work on, learn to forgive yourself when you mess up and mostly talk to someone! Hiding food and hiding my eating habits enabled me to keep going. talking to someone will hold you accountable. Throw out all the food you have hidden and open up to someone about the hiding places. This is how I got passed it and I'm down 30lbs now and on the way to losing the next and last 30lbs. If I can do it anyone can!
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    Hiding food is actually a symptom of disordered eating. As someone in recovery from bulimia, trust me;) that being said, that doesn't necessarily mean you too have an eating disorder. However, i agree with whatn others have already said. Love your mother from a distance for the time being and talk to your primary care doctor about seeing a therapist. Good luck!